Sunday, December 13

Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags

We've almost finished our Christmas shopping and we were about to start wrapping the pile of presents stuffed in our closet when I realized... we didn't have any gift tags! Now, I've been known to do the old Sharpie on the Wrapping Paper technique, but we had such pretty paper this year that I really wanted some nice tags to go with it. Which left me three options: take three children to the store to buy some, send husband to pick some out on his own, or print some at home. I chose door #3.

There are several printables available on pinterest, but in my search for the perfect tags I was a little bit picky and couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. So I decided to make my own printable tags!

You can print either a color version in a classic red & green scheme (my fave) or an all black version that looks great on brown craft paper.

There are 6 different designs (three circles and three squares), and each page has two sets so you can print 12 tags at a time.

Print the color version here.
Print the all black version here.

Just print the tags on your favorite cardstock and cut them out. Then punch a hole near the top and tie a string or ribbon through the hole (or you can tape the tags directly to the package if you prefer).

I found it easiest to go ahead and print a few sheets, cut them all out, punch holes, and add string before I started wrapping. Then I had a nice little pile of tags ready to grab-and-go.

I like to tie my packages with a pretty twine or ribbon, then tie my tags to that.

This year we're sticking with my favorite Christmas wrapping theme - red & brown papers - but I'm mixing it up just a little with this brown Christmas tree paper I found at Ikea. I love it! I may have bought a couple extra rolls for next year, too. I'm also trying the All Twine All the Time approach and left my ribbons safe & sound inside their box.


We're well on our way to getting them wrapped in plenty of time for Christmas! We had our first snow of the year a couple weeks ago (and it was a doozy) but now the weather has been back up in the 50's and 60's the last few days. So I guess we'll see if we have a white Christmas or not!

The big boys had so much fun in the snow! And I had fun watching from the cozy warm window with the littlest boy.

We also finished our Christmas decorating and the boys decorated their room all by themselves. They are so proud of it! I put their little tree up and the took care of the rest.

It turns out Christmas decorating involves lots of action figures when you're a little boy. They lined up their superheroes all over their shelves and declared the room decorated!

How about you? Have you started wrapping gifts yet? Do you wrap as you go or do you like to wait until all the shopping is done? And most importantly... how many superheroes do you decorate with?

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