Monday, February 20

DIY Coat Racks on the Cheap (two for $25!)

This week we learned that coat racks can be crazy expensive. Expensive enough to make me wonder "Do we really need to hang those coats up?" The cheapest we found was almost $30 for four hooks! Fortunately we found a DIY option that was much more affordable, and we ended up with two huge coat racks for under $25! (you may want to check out this super cute version we made with Ikea hooks, too!)

This is our first winter in our new house, and we've quickly developed a bit of a coat problem. It looks like this:

That would be all the snow pants and snow coats we own. And this is where we've kept them since November. The wouldn't fit in our little coat closet, and I didn't want snowy footprints through the house so we just dropped them by the door. Until this week, when I realized the crazy obvious solution I'd been overlooking. The hallway.

The hallway with the big blank wall perfect for a coat rack (and tile floor perfect for drippy, snowy coats). And by then end of the week, it was home to our new DIY coat rack.

You only need a couple things to make your own (this will make two 4' coat racks with six hooks on each rack):
  • 12 coat hooks - watch out, with most of the hooks we looked at you can end up spending just as much as buying an off-the-shelf rack! These cute little ORB hooks from Lowe's came in a two-pack for just over $3. We bought six packs and spent under $20. (fyi these hooks weren't with the rest of the hooks, they were with the other gatehouse items)
  • an 8' long 1x4 - this is just under $4 at our Lowe's. Cut it in half (or have it cut at the store!) to make two 4' coat racks.

I painted my boards with two coats of some leftover white paint. Once it dried, I laid six hooks on each board and spaced them equal-ish down the length. There wasn't a lot of measuring involved. Don't tell Husband. I did, however, lay the boards side by side to make sure they each had the same wonky spacing.

Then with a little help from my stud finder and the resident Stud, we used 3" drywall screws to anchor the coat racks into three studs.

No more coats on the floor. And no more swimsuits in the bathtub this summer. This is their home now. I can't wait to tell them.

Update: This is our coat rack now that summer has hit:

 Swimsuits, raincoats, and towels. Oh my!

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