Wednesday, November 1

Mini Christmas Tree Decor (perfect for the kids!)

It's official. We're switching to Christmas mode. Even if you're a no-Christmas-before-Thanksgiving believer, now is the perfect time to planning ahead for the season! Especially if you're planning any handmade gifts or DIY decor projects. Today we're talking about a super easy Christmas decor idea that our boys absolutely loved last year - decorating with mini trees!

All we bought for this project was a few packages of mini trees (also called bottle brush trees or sisal trees, here are some on Amazon) and mini wreathes, all from Michaels. They were only $3/package to start with, but they also happened to be 40% off the day we went shopping!

When we got home we pulled out a few of the boys toy cars and some festive twine from my wrapping paper stash (purchased at Ikea a couple years ago, but bakers twine would work even better).

 We used the twine to tie a tree on top of each car. Project done. :) We used larger 3" tree for their large cars:

And tiny 1-2" trees for the smaller matchbox size cars. Oh my goodness, how perfect was this little vintage-style firetruck??

They had a couple larger pick-up trucks that we filled with trees and wreathes.

We weren't took picky about what kind of cars we used, but see how the racecars' wheels can't reach the ground with the thick twine in the way? A thinner bakers twine would fix that problem.

We also did a few wreathes on top. Because why not?

And then... the boys got bored with the cars. So they swiped the rest of the trees and started spreading them around the house. They have never been more proud of their decorating skills. Can you spot one in the flower pots?

They brought out toy animals to join the fun. This monkey was my fave.

And several fish from the fishing game ended up with a tree in their mouth. This one has a tree for baby Jesus.

And this one... is just hanging out. They carefully placed each of their pieces around the house.

This camel with a wreath was my other favorite!

Yoda got a little something on each ear.

The boys had so much fun, and the cars turned out so sweet and Christmassy with almost no effort! Speaking of sweet, this is our little middle man last Christmas with his new Captain America gear:

And here he is leaping like a maniac, and hiding like a turtle. How can he grow so much in just a year???

That's it for today's project, but for more festive goodness click the image below to visit our Christmas archives and see all our Christmas projects from this year and Christmas past.

What is your Christmas policy? Only after Thanksgiving? Or the sooner the better?

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