Tuesday, July 12

$2.00 and The Farmer's Market

 We got up a little earlier than we planned on Saturday - Baby B decided if the sun was up then he should be up too - so we went out to hit a couple yard sales after breakfast. We only went to one neighborhood sale and the prices were a little steep so we didn't get much. Definitely no tuck-and-run this week, but at least there are no regrets! :)

 $0.50 - Chronicles of Narnia DVD

$0.50 - 2 bead necklaces. So here's my question: I have no sense of style and I picked these up because I thought they would be fun summer jewelry, but then when I got home I started having some doubts (probably because an older lady was selling them). What do you think?  Fun or too old for me or just bad?

Free - A parenting book. It's funny when you go to yard sales with a baby. People just assume you need lots of baby things. When I didn't pick up this book the lady at the yard sale picked it up for me and told me to take it. :)

$1.00 - 2 Calvin & Hobbes books. I'm hoping Baby B will get a kick out of these when he's older. And I'll get a kick out of them for now!

We only hit a few yard sales this weekend because we had some friends in town (one all the way from Ecuador!) who we were meeting at the farmers market.  I'd never been there before and it was pretty fun! There was fresh produce, food, plants, art and crafts. We didn't stay that long because of the sweltering heat, but had fun while we were there and I picked up a couple things.

This little guy is for the patio. I don't know what it's called, but I like the two-tone leaves and he loves shade so it's perfect! I got the pot at a yard sale earlier this summer for $0.75. I'm thinking about spray painting it a bright teal or something. What do you think?

I also picked up this little guy - a black raspberry bush! The farmer told me they are pretty tough plants, so it should survive under my less-than-careful watch. I'm so excited to get some fruit next year, and the plant will multiply if I let it so I'm hoping to get a whole line of them going down the driveway!

 And that's it for me. Anybody else find some good deals or fun new places last weekend?


  1. I love seeing your purchases! And I love that you're building Baby B's library. The plant is a coleus, I believe. Love the pot. Love teal. If you're not sure about the necklaces, you could restring them--together, even--for a new look.

    Not sure my good deal fits the profile, but I got two standard bed pillows at Target today (to use as 'sham' pillows on our bed) for 50 cents each using two online printable store coupons.

  2. Thanks! And restringing the necklaces is a great idea! I'll have to give that a try.

    That fits perfectly! Where do you find coupons like that? That's even better than a yard sale deal!

  3. I subscribe by email to Deal Seeking Mom and Money Saving Mom. They both send alerts to great deals and tell you where to find the coupons--online, in-store, inserts. I save my Sunday inserts--just date and file them--then pull them out when I learn from DSM/MSM of a great deal. They tell you which insert/date and give a suggested scenario to get the most $ off. Still learning strategies--I'm no expert!

  4. I just signed up! Thanks for the tip!