Tuesday, July 26


This weekend I got to do some yard-saling with my mom & sisters. I spent more than usual due to one large purchase, but we all managed to snag some great deals. Here are mine:

$0.50 - A large basket. The picture is fuzzy because I was in a little bit of a hurry. If you look closely at the back left corner of the basket you can see where I already started to remove the handles before I realized I didn't have a picture. Oops. :) Normally I like a basket with handles, but this one won't fit in it's new home unless I take them off!

$4.00 - Another basket (I love baskets. baskets = organization), a water filter, outlet protectors, and a soda organizer that's already in the fridge. 

$1.00 - Hardback Frank Peretti book (2 in 1). Probably my favorite author, and I haven't read these ones in years.

$0.50 - 2 more patio pillows and a quilt. I plan to use the quilt as our park blanket. 

$5.00 - Floor lamp (with a drum shade!) and a pillow for the patio.

$40.00 - 4 Creative Memories albums. That was definitely a more expensive purchase than I usually make, but these albums are great (and usually expensive) and this was a great deal!

Free (with purchase of the albums) - Bead organizer. For my sister who makes jewelry.

 $5.00 - Hedge trimmer. We have a lot of hedges, so we definitely needed one of these!

Free (with hedge trimmer) - 2 pieces of fabric.

 Tuck & Run - You may not agree, but for me it was the quilt (shown with the green pillows). I love the idea of having a quilt for a park blanket, but hadn't worked up to making one yet. I saw this one for only $0.25 and grabbed it! I think my mom got a tuck & run, too. A whole box of John Grisham books for $0.10 each!

I think that was it for me. Anybody else have any luck?


  1. Is that floral fabric on the right barkcloth? Love your purchases. I think quilts are great to have on hand. I've used quilts and throws as tablecloths, Christmas tree skirts, framed art, floor cover for babies... .

  2. I think it's more like a light canvas, but I'm not sure. Those are great ideas for using quilts! I love it when there are so many uses for one item!