Thursday, August 4

Paneling = Finally Finshed!

Remember when we started painting the paneling in our master suite a few weekends ago? It wasn't going very well at that point but now I'm happy to say, after many hours and much help from my dad, it is finally finished! For a quick reminder, here is where we started:


And here is where I left you last time:

We gave up the priming and dove right into the paint. I think we were super lucky, because we didn't have any bleed through (which I've heard is the biggest problem with paneling)! We think it might be because our paneling is solid wood and was sealed better than normal paneling, but we can't say for sure. (we did have some bleed through when we painted the window trim white, but it was a different kind of wood so that could be the difference) We're just glad the paneling didn't bleed so we were able to finish it with just two coats of paint! (which took 6 gallons, fyi) It was still a big pain to get into all the cracks & holes, but so much better than if we had to prime it. Ready to see the bright and beautiful finished project?

  (here's what our bed looked like this morning...look closely)
 (see that little head peeking out?)
(some outtakes with Baby B - he's a little tipsy)

I'm really happy with how it turned out! Unfortunately I don't feel like I have much advice to give when it comes to painting paneling. I followed all the advice I had heard and it didn't work so we just started making things up and got lucky! All I can say is if you paneling looks like ours you may be able to go straight to paint, and if you have a more traditional style paneling you can check out this post by Young House Love that I based my first attempt on. Or just try both on a small section of wall to see what will work before you dive into the whole project. :) Good luck!

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  1. The progression with baby B on the bed is fantastic. :-)

  2. WOW! What an amazing transformation! So much brighter, it's as though you added more windows. I have to say, though, that my favorite aspect is how you 'decorated' your bed. He's just. so. cute.

  3. Your bedroom now has a cottage look! I love it!

  4. It looks fantastic Georgia! And Baby B is a great finishing touch!!! Can't wait to see him when I get down to school soon!!!!

  5. Beautiful transformation! I love how cheery it is and Baby B adds a great touch :)

  6. Thanks everyone! We're loving how much brighter it is. And yeah, Baby B is my favorite part too. :)