Tuesday, January 31

Double Fail

Well, this is not my best showing. First, I couldn't find one cotton picking moment to put these pictures up earlier and now I'm up much too late throwing it together (it is still technically Monday - I might regret this in the morning). But that's not biggie, we all know small boys come before blogging. The bigger fail here is what I actually have to show for my impossibilities challenge. To be fair to the challenge, I don't think my heart was really in it. I could have put more time into than I did, but chose to do other things instead. Nonetheless, I am glad to say this did give me a really good start and I've made some definite progress down there! If you need a refresher, you can check out my before pictures here to compare to my slightly less scary after pictures.

The living space, looking a little better. I think the bed will have to go because it's just too hard to store in a small basement. And that table in the corner will eventually be set up down here.

This does look better than it did. I promise. And it's really fun to see the bar stools in place!

Washer & dryer - how long have those been there?!? Jk, jk. I knew they were there, you just couldn't see them before. :)

Okay, this still look really scary, but it's not all that bad. That pile of cleaning supplies in the front are in limbo, waiting for their home upstairs to be ready. And the pile back by the wall is the yard sale pile. 

One of my favorite improvements - gift wrapping station! Sweet! Maybe I could stash some craft supplies down here too. And I'm planning to set up the big table nearby.

Scary #2. The baby swing needs to find a spot, but all those boxes behind it are actually just garbage waiting to make an exit. Most of them went out tonight so it's looking much better.

For now we have extra wood and drywall and such leaning in this corner.

I realized I don't have any before pictures of the dungeon, but I spent quite a bit of time on it. And It is looking SO much better! Plus we gained lots of shelf space just by organizing things into drawers and getting rid of a bunch of paints.

So this definitely wasn't the jaw-dropping transformation I hoped for, but I figured I might as well keep it real and fess up! Oh well, we all fall a little short of our goals sometimes, and it is okay. I gave it a go, and I made some definite progress. I can't complain about that. Although I can complain about the giant cricket I found. Good grief.

Have you tackled any organization projects lately? Can you tell a difference from my before pictures? Does my basement scare you?


  1. Hey, progress is progress! You're off to a great start! That gift wrapping station is awesome and I'm glad you found the w/d. hahaha Thank you so much for linking up to the challenge!

  2. Great job! My favorite is the gift wrapping station. I love what looks to be a solid wood door leaning in a corner; can't wait to see what you end up doing with that.

    Your basement resembles our storage room. Been working on it since the first of January, but progress is slow.

    1. It is! We actually just took the door down as part of a project we're working on. :)

      I hear you on the slow progress. :)

  3. The most important thing is that you have begun the journey! Thanks for sharing and linking up and joining the party!

    1. Thanks! Getting started was definitely the hardest part. :)

  4. Love the wrapping station! And you can see the couch and washer/dryer :D

  5. Looks like we had similar impossibles! I cleaned out my scary basement and the only thing motivating me was this deadline! So glad you started - it's half the battle! Love the gift wrap station - can't wait to see more! So glad you joined our challenge! Following.

    1. Your basement is looking great! Thanks for posting the challenge!

  6. Great job! You didn't give yourself enough credit! Kudos to a great start! Definitely those small boys come before ANYTHING (I can so relate!) <3 from your newest follower and fellow blogger :) I would LOVE it if you could follow back!

  7. At least you now have a head start, right? I'm not one to throw stones. It's doubtful you'll ever find a pic of my very own basement dungeon on my blog! Ha!

    Thanks so much for joining our Impossibilities challenge and linking up!



    1. Thanks for inviting me! I definitely needed something to get me started! :)