Thursday, February 2

Office Chair Makeover

My grandma gave me my desk chair a few years ago. Since I got it I've been wanting to give it a makeover to add a fun pop of color to the office and I finally took the plunge! I don't have a "before" pic, but it was just a brown wooden chair with a brown seat and it has a great shape and really great details on the back & legs. To start my makeover I decided to paint it a nice bright color and since I'm on a yellow kick (check out my yellow dresser and yellow kitchen) I had leftover yellow paint in the basement. Pretty, free, and already in the house? Sold. I started by taking off the seat and using some small wood scraps to prop the chair up off the grass. Then I used a brush and small roller to apply a nice, even coat of paint.

As you can tell from that lovely, lush grass, I actually did the painting last summer and never finished the project until now.

I guess it doesn't show up very well in the pictures, but after that first coat it looked really uneven and splotchy so once it dried I did a second coat and then some final touch ups to get it nice and even.

Fast forward to February - after several months of using this chair with the seat unattached (and miraculously remembering where I put the screws!) it's time to tackle the last step!

A big part of the reason I put it off so long was that I couldn't find a fabric that I wanted to use (mostly because I'm too cheap to buy something new and I was hoping a new scrap would show up in my basket). Then the miracle happened and I actually won a stack of fat quarters in a blog giveaway! They were really pretty, but seemed to small for most of the projects I do so they just sat around for a while. Until last week when it suddenly hit me that they were just barely big enough to cover my seat! So I picked the greenest one (because you just can't go wrong with green!).

Then I wrapped it around and stapled it on the back. See how close the fit was? Normally I would add a layer of batting first to make it a little cushier, but I don't think the fabric would have reached if I did this time! Also, I usually use a heavier weight fabric but this was free and oh-so pretty. It will last long enough, because I'll get bored and want to change it eventually anyway! :)

Then I just grabbed a screwdriver and put the seat back on. Then sit on it and think about all the other crafty things I want to do. Sitting on a pretty chair makes me more creative, right? I'm so excited to turn our office/craft space into a fun, inspiring environment!

Have you ever done a chair makeover? What color are you using most right now?
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  1. Tag, you're it! Come check out the link to start the fun. This is not some weird spam, I'm a follower of your blog!

  2. If you happen to misplace this chair...don't come looking at my house ;)

    1. Ha ha! I may have to hide this when you visit.... :)