Tuesday, June 19


Last weekend I only went to one yard sale, but I went twice! It was our church's big fundraiser rummage sale for the sr. high kids class. It runs Thursday - Saturday every year and I like to go Thursday to make sure I see all the good stuff, then go back on Saturday for $1 a bag day for anything that's left! And this year did not disappoint. It was the biggest, busiest, craziest sale I've been to! Here's what I found on my first run:

$4.50 - a big pot for home-canning. Hopefully this will get a lot of use from my garden. :)

 $1.00 - lantern. I need to get batteries to see if it works, but hopefully it will be fun for Baby B when we go camping this summer (or play camping in the backyard!).

 $1.00 - big glass bottle. It's like a foot tall. I don't know the perfect place for it yet, but I WILL find it. :)

 $0.25 - muffin tin

$0.75 - three mason jars for my future canning endeavors.

 $1.50 - two white flower pots, maybe for the patio?

 $0.10 - jar cup. I've been saving glass jars to use as cups anyway, so I thought this one with a handle would be a fun addition!

 $2.00 - Set of Coke cups. N has been wanting some fun cups for our basement bar area, and as we don't drink alcohol, these seemed like a perfect fit! The set has five of the handled mugs and four of the cups.

 $0.50 - buckets and shovels for Baby B to use at the beach! Or in the backyard pool. Or digging up my garden. :)

 $6.00 - local honey? Okay, not your average yard sale purchase, but remember this was a fund raiser sale! A local honey farmer donated some jars for the kids to sell. :)

On Saturday we went back and, because there was SO MUCH STUFF this year, they were handing out GARBAGE BAGS to fill for $1.00. What?!? Two of my sisters and I shared a bag (and one of them offered to pay for the whole thing - thanks J!!) so we pretty much made out like bandits. My part of the loot included two Frank Peretti books, an Indian in the Cupboard book, and a few shirts. Not a bad day. :)

And if that wasn't enough yard sale for one weekend, we also had a sale of our own on Friday and Saturday! More details to come on that when I get the pictures loaded. :) Have you been to any good sales lately?

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