Friday, June 1

First Trip to the Zoo!

Baby B has his first trip to the zoo over the weekend! We picked a nice, sweltering day for our excursion (hitting 103 degrees!) but between the indoor exhibits and light breeze, we still managed to have a great day!

 Happy to be at the zoo!

 My & my sissy, ready for some fun.

 We're not short. He's just tall.
 Okay, maybe we are a little short....

We didn't even plan to all wear blue! It just happened! It's called "destiny."

 Pointing at the tiger.

 Baby B's new friend, Mr. Snow Leopard.

 Checking out the sea lions with daddy.

 Watching the dolphins.

 Meerkats, maybe? He loved getting right up to the glass!

 "Why hello, Mr. Gorilla. I refuse to turn my back on you. Don't try any funny stuff."

 Not the best way to travel. But B is very enthusiastic about it.


Too much zoo for such a small boy. Nap time!

It was a long day at the zoo, but Baby B LOVED it! He couldn't get enough of the animals. Except when he was sleeping, of course. :) He's just tons of fun!

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