Friday, July 13

What I've Been Sewing - "My" Tai

I've really been enjoying the Mei Tai I made with Beth's pattern. So much so that I want to make some for my friends as shower gifts, and possibly even to sell. Beth doesn't want her pattern being sold, so I decided to tweak it and make it my own. I changed the size & proportions a little (to make it less short & wide), the way the bottom straps are attached (I think it might make them a little more comfortable), the entire shape of the top half (to look pretty and hopefully improve the fit around Baby B's shoulders), and took a layer out of the middle (to make it a little lighter, I think two layers will still be enough to make it sturdy). I still need to wear it around a while to see how I like the changes.

It also makes me a little nervous to make them for other people before I put mine (especially my new design) through the ringer some more. I want to make sure it is sturdy and durable and, most importantly, safe to use! Even then I don't know if I'll do it. Ha ha.

And I need to get a picture with it on, but I keep forgetting to ask my husband to snap one while he's home! Oops. :) So for now this one less-than-fabulous pic will have to do. Sorry!

***UPDATE: Pictures in action! :)

But anyway, hope you had fun with my week full of sewing! Anybody else ever made (or used!) a baby carrier? What's your favorite kind or pattern?

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