Monday, July 2

Well, That Was a Freebie...

First, the background story. I joined a local facebook page with a few friends so we can easily share great deals and sales with each other from around town or online. We keep it to natural/healthy/family deals because those are the things that it's a little harder to get a good deal on around town. Earlier this week, one of my friends posted that a local nursery was giving away everything left in their garden center for FREE! Baby B and I headed right over to see what kind of stuff they would have out there, and boy were we surprised when we found out! I think they maybe were giving things away because all the tables in the sun were totally sun-baked and dead, but along the edges the plants in the shade were still good, and there were all different kinds! This was our freebie bounty:

I was super excited to find a few vegetable varieties and managed to finally fill in the rest of my garden. You can see the stuff at both ends that I planted a couple weeks ago have really taken off. I found a few ripe cherry tomatoes already! And now the middle section is finally filled in as well. 

I think a quick garden tour is in order. Up front we have watermelon, cantaloupe, zucchini,  and yellow squash. And yes, I probably planted these too close together. But this is how we learn, right? Next year we'll have a better idea.

 I also added some eggplant (Baby B's totally random favorite thing) and cucumbers.

And here's where we get to the free stuff! Since it was free, I planted a couple things I wouldn't normally try. Like tomatillos, cabbage, and cauliflower. I never eat any of those things. But maybe now I will? And no, they don't look awesome, so I'm just hoping they can recover!

 And a bunch more tomatoes. My plan is to can them like crazy for salsa and spaghetti sauce!

 And because I'm totally oblivious most of the time, I planted even more tomatoes and tomatillos in the overflow section. A.k.a. by the garage. I was totally not paying attention and thought I was getting 5 tomato plants. Turns out it was 5 packs of 4 tomato plants. Ha!

This is where the magic happens. If it looks like it happens all across the patio, you're wrong. It also happens all across the yard. And all over the back seat if you stop a little too fast. 

 That was it for the vegetables, but I also got a bunch of pretty plants! I did a little work on my existing planters and took out some of the bigger leafy things that were in there before. I replaced them with purple leaves to add a little color, impatients to add white flowers, and a little vine just for fun. If it's possible to put too many plants in one pot, I think I've done it. Several times.

 Then I started digging more planters and potting soil out of the garage and had a planting frenzy! I've never had so many plants before! This one is filled with more of the shade plants.

 I added some flowering kale and some kind of vine to this big planter of daylilies.

This one has decorative grasses, more kale, and a sweet potato vine. 

 And these are two more planters that I didn't get finished yet because Baby B demanded milk! But I have more flowers, grasses, and kale to fill them with. I've said it before, I do not understand the art of landscaping. I also don't know if this counts as landscaping. But I can throw things together with the best of them and just be glad I have some pretty new plants!

Because I am oblivious to how many plants I'm buying, I ended up dividing everything in half and had plenty for myself and friend! Now we'll just see if I can keep them alive in this heat. :)

Have you found any good freebies lately? What's the best you ever found?

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