Friday, March 15

Pi(e) Day

Anybody else celebrate pi day yesterday? I'll go ahead and say, I had no idea. But fortunately my husband is up-to-date on most dessert-related holidays. "Holidays." So he filled me in first thing in the morning and we decided to celebrate accordingly. We not only ate pie, we rented The Life of Pi. I know, go big or go home. ;)

B and I spent the morning rummaging through the pantry and fridge trying to figure out what kind of pie we could make without going to the store  - we actually ran to the closest grocery store before lunch to try making these, but I don't know the layout and couldn't find ANYTHING I was looking for. But I did stumble across Cocoa Wheats on my way up and down the aisles. Consolation prize. Anyway, back in our kitchen we found almonds, cream cheese, and frozen blueberries, did a little recipe hunting, and managed to throw this guy together.

Boom, baby! First I found this yummy looking cheesecake recipe that's made with Greek yogurt, but I would have to let it strain overnight and pie day waits for no one. So I put that on my to-do list for next week. More importantly, that recipe used a homemade pie crust made of almonds! Which I totally had the ingredients for. Then I just needed a pie to put in the crust. Knowing we had cream cheese and blueberries, I pulled up this pinterest favorite - blueberry cream cheese pie. And then my heart sank a little... we don't have sweetened condensed milk in the house. But a little googling pulled up this recipe to make your own, so a few minutes later I was back in business. And we ended up with a complete pie. Whew.

Creamy and nutty and fruity, all rolled into one!  So yes, it ended up being a bit of a stretch to pull off all the steps, but nobody missed nap time and it was delicious, so I count it as a win! And it turns out B loves to help me cook, so he had a lot of fun too. When is the next dessert day? We're ready.

Even with the pie-making festivities, we still had plenty of time for B's favorite activity - choo choos! We have to play them every. single. day. And he totally doesn't appreciate my track building skillz. This was the only action pic I could get because he's learned that you can see the pictures on the camera screen. So, naturally, he only wants to be on that side of the camera now. Unless we're both in front. Then it's okay.

Did you celebrate pie day? What's your favorite, go-to pie recipe?

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