Monday, September 2

New Table

Guys, we bought a furniture. Like a new from the store furniture. And it is wonderful. You might have noticed it making an appearance in my chair painting post....

It's a new dining table! Woohoo! To refresh here's what we were looking at before:

This table has served us well since we were cute little newlyweds, but it does have a few issues and we decided after almost 6 years it was time for an upgrade. Yeah, almost 6 years. Sometimes I forget I'm getting older until I write things like that. :) We loved this one because, for one thing it was free, but also because with the leaves folded down it was tiny (which was especially a big deal in our first teeny house).

But now that B runs like a wild man we weren't too crazy about the table being open (and we needed it open for all of us to eat there and I was tired of opening and closing it for every meal). For one thing these corners were terrible at catching a little head when it ran past. Plus with the legs being so close to the middle it was way to easy to tip over just by leaning on the leaves so B probably could have pulled it right over if he had the chance.

The other thing was that no chair on earth could fit between these legs, which means the chairs were pulled out all the time taking up our precious floor space! And B's chair on the side couldn't go under either when the leaf was down.

Enter new Ikea table:

I seriously begged N for months to get this new table. And then I was pregnant and BOOM - it was mine.

We normally would try building things before buying them to save some big $$$, but because we have such tight space for this we decided to buy so we would have more options. Because this guy has hidden leaves! Right now it's the perfect size for our family (almost exactly the size of our old table with one leaf up) but if we have company we can pull the leaves out to almost double the size!

Oh, and plenty of room for the chairs! Yay!

So this is where were at with the dining nook. I'm loving the mix of dark and light and these curtains still make me drool. But I think I'm  ready to try something new with the light. And I'm still looking for another pair of chairs or benches to paint white & finish out the seating. I'll keep you posted. 

So let's hear it... what piece of furniture have you been stalking?


  1. Love it! I have been trying to find the perfect light for over by my piano. I have an idea of what I want but haven't found the perfect light at the perfect price yet.

  2. I LOVE all of your plans! do you have any plans for a table like this? or this size and shape? We are trying your DIY couch this weekend!

    1. My 2 x 4 craft table is a similar size & shape as the base of this table, but I haven't found a way yet to make a table with leaves.

      Hope this helps and sorry for the slow response! :)

  3. So seriously.... talking about stalking... I am working my way through the 30 days of 2x4's lol. I don't know how you came up with the idea but Ive been reworking several areas in our too small, outdated home.I kid you not, we have had the same table issues. Hearing about someone else going through the same issues makes me feel much better. Thanks so much, great job!

    1. Ha ha, I didn't know of anyone else having these problems either! Nice to have someone to commiserate with. ;) I'm glad you're enjoying the 2x4 series, it's some of my favorite projects so far!