Tuesday, March 24

Clipboard Calendar {free printable}

Last year it was the middle of February when I finally made my printable clipboard calendar. And I loved it. I loved that the simple style was pretty enough to hang in my kitchen. I loved the big spaces. I loved that it was on a clipboard so it was so easy to pull it down, mark a date, and put it back up. You guys, I can't go back to regular calendars.

But this year it was over halfway through March and I still hadn't found the time to make an updated one. In February I thought I would just move the numbers on this one rather than start over, and I didn't even find time for that! So I did the easiest thing I could think of. I deleted all the dates so I can just print a new one off every year and write them in. If you're photoshop savvy that may not be the faster option for you... but it definitely is for me!

And I made that into a free printable for you. Because a 2014 calendar is not super helpful anymore.

So if you are as far behind as I am, or really like to plan ahead for next year, you can print your own and fill it out with the correct dates for the year. Then just clip it on a clipboard with a loop at the top and you're good to go! As each month ends I like to just slip that page to the back of the stack. It makes it much easier the next year because I can flip through the pages and copy any important dates like birthdays.

Now my only goal for next year is to have it printed in January. And maybe change the main font. But let's not get carried away.

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