Thursday, July 25

Our Treasure Shelf {and other thrifty finds}

You know I love a good thrifty find and I love seeing the great deals you guys find, too! If you follow me on Instagram, you already saw my sister's amazing haul from a few weeks ago:

She got all these things for $0.90 total! Two embroidered pillowcases, a child-size embroidered tablecloth, three vases, a crochet doll blanket, and a vintage accordion coat rack! I couldn't believe it!

My own thrifting has been put on hold during our spending freeze (yep, it's still going while we pay off some debts and save for some future dreams!) but I do have a few thrift store goodies from last fall that I never shared. So here's your thrifty inspiration for today!

Vintage tea cups and plates. I had been searching for tea cups that the boys would like, and these were just perfect. Horses, wagons, and barns printed in a simple dark green. The boys love them and they look great in our built-ins!

A little knick knack shelf, vintage glass dessert cups, a pair of pink shorts for M3 in perfect condition, and one of my favorite childhood books.

Turns out I love that book so much I had already bought a copy another time. Oops. Now my sister also has a copy for my nieces!

I also found two  more old favorites:

Now about that knick knack shelf? It was just what I had been searching for to hold the boy's favorite nature finds! I hung it in the dining room and it's filled with rocks, shells, and even a wasp nest or two.

I'm keeping an eye out for another shelf or two like this. I'd especially love to find one of those really large printers drawers I could mount on the wall (like this one in my all-time favorite insta-house).

I noticed something as I was looking through these pictures: I've had a pretty big change in my buying habits. I actually always struggled with good deals - mainly having a hard time turning them down - which has led to more clutter and more regretted purchases that I'd like to admit. A bunch of cheap stuff isn't doing any good when it's... just a bunch of stuff. Stuff I don't actually, really need or want. It's a habit I've been consciously working on for the past several years (and another big perk of the spending freeze is that I've had to basically break that habit cold turkey).

But you know what I see when I look at this thrifty haul? Things that I love. Really and truly. Things that we actually use and enjoy. I see a treasure shelf that is still hanging in our dining room. Some of my favorite books. Teacups and plates we use daily during school for our afternoon snack. A pair of shorts that are in M3's constant rotation. Dessert cups we use for everything from ice cream to oatmeal, just because we can. No knick knacks, no clutter, no toys. And I can see that I really am getting better at this (and I already was before the spending freeze even hit). There is hope, peeps. So here's to beautiful, thrifty homes that aren't cluttered with every good deal we meet.

Sharing your favorite thrifty finds on Instagram? I'd love to check them out! Tag me @! Or just leave a comment here and let me know what you've found lately. Happy (thoughtful) thrifting, friends!

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