Thursday, February 6

The MLH Creed

My towels don't match.

I mean, I did find four green ones for our open shelving, which gives the impression that I have things more "together" than I do. But I just feel like you need to know that. I don't want you guys to get the wrong idea. It's easy online and in pictures for things to look just right. Crop out the clutter. Angle high so we don't see the floor. Everything in place, everything matching, everything perfect. But that's not life. At least not in the MLH house.

My four almost matching towels.

Don't get me wrong, I love beautiful spaces. I love when my house looks cute and at least somewhat put together. I get bored and want to mix things up. I like to decorate and paint. I like everything to have it's own place and fit perfectly and be always tidy. I like order and neatness. So that's the stuff I blog about. But whatever you read from me, I hope you take what I say with this grain of salt:

It's okay if it's not. And it's okay if you don't.

It's okay if you don't do everything, if it's all not perfect, if your towels don't match. It's okay if you don't have a new couch, if you never replace that tile you don't care for. It's okay to be okay with the way things are. Even if it's a little less than perfect.

Life is so much more than pictures of pretty houses. 

Angle high to hide the toys on the floor? Yep, I did that.

So I don't want to just inspire you with pretty spaces - I want to help you get the home you want in a way that really works for your family. Because as much as I love working on our home, I know how important it is to count the costs of every project and every home improvement. All the costs. The real price you will pay. 

Will a project put you into debt? That price is too high
Do you chase having a perfect home until you're exhausted? That price is too high
Is a project knocking more important priorities out of their rightful places? That price is too high
Are you afraid your family will "mess up" your perfectly decorated spaces? That price is too high. 

Because as much as I love this kind of stuff, I'm not about debt. I'm not about wearing myself thin. I'm not about untouchable spaces that are too tidy or too fancy or too formal.

Make the bed before the photo? Check. Only time it was made this month.

So here's what I am about:

  I'm about finding beauty within my means.
  I'm about spaces that we can live in.
  I'm about less clutter and more life. 
  I'm about learning to love the way things are when they can't be changed. Being grateful.
  I'm about making this house into our home.

Crop out the clutter a.k.a. play kitchen? Did that, too.

I hope that's what you get from this blog. I hope you see my journey to create a home that is affordable and comfortable and OURS. A home that is just right for my family in this season of life. A home that changes as we change in the constant ebb and flow of a growing family. A home where we can make messes and mistakes, make memories, and enjoy being together. Our haven. Even if it's not perfectly matched.

And I hope it inspires you to do the same in your home.

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