Wednesday, November 24

2021 Gift Guide for Adults

Check out my gift guide for KIDS here.

If you're like me, you love finding a really great gift guide full of really great ideas that will make your shopping really easy this year! But finding such a guide can be pretty frustrating.... because a lot of lists like this don't actually have anything on them that I want to buy. I don't want a list of trendy ideas that sound cool but aren't truly practical or useful. I don't want to give gifts that will be clutter by January. 

That's what inspired my 2021 list. It's full of things that we truly love and use on a regular basis. You can choose anything on this list and know that it's tried-and-true. Hopefully it's helpful and you'll find some great gifts for everyone on your list!

1. Wingspan Game  /  2. Cozy Minimalist Home Book  /  3. My Favorite Sweater  / 4. A Tin of Tea  / 5. Chicago Cutlery Knife / 6. Good Mixing Bowls / 7. Cast Iron Pan / 8. Mesh WiFi / 9. Insulated Travel mug (small / large / straw cup) / 10. Art Prints (tree rings print / vintage painting print) / 11. Wool Socks  /  12. The Best Notebook  /  13. History Books (Washington: a Life / 1776)  /  14. The Perfect Mug  /  15. Gift Card  /  16. A Plant  /  17. Laptop Stand  /  18. Keepsake Ornament  /  19. Bluetooth Speaker  /  20. A Good Puzzle  /  21. Outdoor Blanket  /  22. Handheld Espresso Maker  /   23. A Custom Necklace  /  24. 7 Wonders Duel Game  /  25. Kreg Jig  /  26. A Good Drill   /  27. Compound Miter Saw 


Games and Puzzles

Games and puzzle are some of my favorite gifts to give! Here are a few of our favorites:  

When it comes to puzzles, I'm pretty picky about what makes a good puzzle. I like color blocking. I don't like chaos. Here are my two faves so far:  

Gifts for the Homebody

I think we all have a little homebody in us, and gifts to make home a little cozier can work for almost anyone! 

Clothes + Accessories

I don't buy clothes too often because everyone has different taste, but here a few things I love enough I would feel comfortable gifting them: 

Coffee + Tea Gifts

I drink tea more than coffee, but I have a few favorite items that any of your caffeinated friends would enjoy! 

In the Kitchen

Have a special chef in your life? Try one of these kitchen favorites: 

Tech Gifts

My husband is our tech guy, so when I asked for his input about the best gifts it pretty much all fell under this category. And I'll tell you, his number one gift pick was mesh Wifi. I honestly have no idea what this is, and he tried to explain it and I still don't know, but apparently it's an awesome gift if you don't have it. May the odds be ever in your favor. 

  • Mesh WiFi
  • laptop stand for storing laptops out of the way
  • bluetooth speaker (we love this one for Christmas music or audio books for homeschool, and it actually gets loud enough we can still hear it with a house full of boys!) (we also got a $5 bluetooth shower speaker at Menards that I love, but it's not loud enough for use outside the shower. Still would make a good gift, though!)
  • a wireless mouse (my husband loves these ergonomic shaped ones).


If you have a reader on your Christmas list, books are a no-brainer!


Give the gift of DIY! I'm linking our three most-used and most-loved tools!

Gift Cards

And let's not forget about gift cards. Because even when it's more fun to wrap a present, sometimes the best gift is letting them get what they really need. It can be an all purpose card like Walmart or Target, a gift card to their favorite coffee shop, a grocery card, a restaurant card (a great option for a mom who's tired of cooking!), you can even get gift cards for things like a massage or maid service!

Happy Christmas gifting!

Let me know: what was the best gift you ever received?

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