Friday, December 23

Merry Monsters!

I just finished making a few stocking stuffers for Baby B and little gifts for some of his little friends! If you crochet you still have time to whip a few up to hide in stockings for Christmas morning! (Baby B's friends, look away! :)

Little boys love little monsters, right?

And so do their little friends?

I sure hope so! I used the tutorial by Crafty is Cool to make a whole...herd?...flock?....of monsters. I started with a set for Baby B, using the nice monster-colored yarns I found at a yard sale this summer. (the red one was my prototype. Note to self: 8mm eyes are too big. go for the 6mm.)

They were pretty fast to put together, once I go the hang of it, so I made a few extras for Baby B's friends. (I made them different heights by doing more or less rows of stitches)

I gave them each a unique expression using plastic safety eyes, white felt, and black embroidery floss.

Here are the little guys watching me working and waiting to get their mouths....

Then they were stuffed with polyfil to be nice, squishy little friends.

Some of them even have feet! And I added a felt tooth here and there. Oh, and I put love in the stitches.

You could also add little hairbows to make girl monsters, but all of these monsters are for little boys so no hairbows here!

They will be a fun way to fill Baby B's stocking for Christmas. And they will make cute tiny gifts for his friends! And of course when they grow up being best friends they'll get together every weekend to play with the monsters because of the love in the stitches. Might as well dream big, right?

Here is the link to the tutorial again, if you want to make your own little monsters. And now for the star of the show....

"hey, where did my apple go?!"

"oh, here it is."

"I think it will fit if I open my mouth thiiiiiis wide."

hmmm...nice try, Baby B. You leave the cutest teeth marks in that apple!

"what's this white stuff?" - Baby B's first snow!

"I'm afraid I'm too fluffy...."

"These mittens won't stop me! I'll get  you yet, Santa!"


We're having a lot of fun celebrating with decorations, gifts, yummy food, and time with the family, but more importantly we're celebrating the wonderful gift that is the true reason for the season....

"She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins."  -Matthew 1:21

Remembering this season that we are blessed beyond words. Merry CHRISTmas to all!

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