Monday, December 26

Christmas Traditions?

This was our first Christmas as a family of three and it got me thinking. So I thought I'd ask around for ideas and suggestions! Here goes...

What kinds of traditions to you share with your family? Do you bake cookies together? Look at Christmas lights? Do you do the same thing every year? - We don't really have any traditions yet, except traveling to see family and participating in traditions at each home. I did like making Baby B's "pickle" ornament and would like to do something like that every year.

How do you keep the focus on Jesus? Reading the story together Christmas Eve? Baking a birthday cake on Christmas? - He is the reason for the season, after all. How to you keep that in the forefront of the celebrations? - I definitely like the birthday cake idea.

What do you do about Santa? Do you do gifts from him & leave out cookies and milk? Do you read the story but point out that it's just a story? Have St. Nicholas fill the stockings and take credit for the rest of the presents? Leave Santa out of it?

How do you do Christmas gifts? Do you do a lot or a few? Open them Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? Put them out Christmas Eve when the kids are asleep or ahead of time? - I love looking at them under the tree ahead of time, but now that we have Baby B I think it would be really fun to surprise him by putting them out the night before. I've also heard a few gift mottos that I like - "Something the want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read" and "3 gifts because Jesus got 3 gifts."

We got a free pass this year because Baby B is so small and we spent our time traveling to see our families. But we may need to be a little more prepared for next year. :) So fire away! I'd appreciate any & all thoughts & suggestions!


  1. I like our daughter's family tradition of new jammies for everybody on Christmas Eve, lol. I believe that's the one gift they open that night, then save the rest for Christmas morning. Also, if I had it to do over, I'd observe Advent at home with age-appropriate devo's and such. For the last two years I have given our two youngest grandkids an advent calendar.

  2. Hey there! I am late but I have been meaning to comment... I love Christmas traditions and wanted to share some of my family's! :) so I have 3 younger brothers, some things we have enjoyed growing up and some we still do now that we are all early 20's/late teens:
    - certain stories read aloud only this time of year.. funny ones like Winnie the Pooh.
    - having a sleepover in the living room Christmas eve
    - doing Advent candles as a family and setting up the Nativity scene
    - caroling at the nursing home
    - dressing up in goofy costumes and playing board games on Christmas eve.. we have done this the past 8 years and we LOVE it. So hilarious to see everyone's costumes, take pics, etc! I even made commemorative, personalized t shirts one year :)
    - building a blanket fort in the living room.
    So, just a few random ideas! :) Hope you are having a great 2012 so far! ~Frances

  3. Thanks for the great ideas! I love the jammie idea, Rhetta.
    Frances, the costume board games sound SO fun! And I don't think I can say no to a blanket fort, either!
    We would really like to do an advent calendar together, as well. Hmmm... Lots to think about. Thank you so much for helping!