Saturday, February 25

On a roll

*****Somehow my whole post was gone after I published it! Sorry about that! Well, here's the gist of it. :)*****

Although I have about eight incomplete projects going on right now, I went to Ikea last week end to get some more things to work on. Oops. :) Here's what I've added to my to-do list:

  • curtain rod for my bedroom
  • moose pasta (moose shaped, not made of moose.)
  • roll of craft paper
  • craft paper dispenser
  • washcloths
  • two floating shelves
The good news is I've kind of been on a roll finishing up some of those other projects before I start with any of these. So I should have some fun things to share with you soon. Soon. Ha. What a funny word. :)

I've also been a bread baking fiend lately. The box on the left is refrigerator dough and the bowls are a double batch of wheat dough. I'm going to try baking bread instead of buying it. We'll see how long that lasts. :)

Baby B is on a roll too. He's started clapping, throwing a ball, saying "hello" to the phone, and he's taken several steps this week! His new favorite activity is emptying drawers. Here he is working on his dresser. I put plastic dishes and washcloths in the bottom drawers in the kitchen and he empties them several times a day. Speaking of rolls, where did his baby rolls go? He seriously went from rolly-polly-baby to tall-skinny-boy overnight.


  1. I love homemade bread! I always stock pile it from my mom when we visit and ration it out of my freezer :)

    Before you know it, Baby B will be climbing up your stairs!

    1. I made extra for my freezer, hopefully that will help me stick with it! :)

      He actually can climb the stairs but usually doesn't want to. He'd rather wait to be carried. Ha. :)