Tuesday, February 7

Tag, I'm it!

I was double-tagged this week by Active Fingers and Lifestyles of the Stay at Home Mom! Is is okay to answer both tags in one post? I hope so. :) Check out Anna's answers here and Shantalle's answers here. The rules from the two were a little different, so I kind of mashed them together to make these:

The Rules:
#1: You must post these rules.
#2: Each person must post 12 things about themselves on their blog.
#3: Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and create 12 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
#4: Tag some friends (Or bloggers you blog-stalk!)
#5: Let them know you've tagged them

12 Fun things about me:
  1. I was homeschooled from 1st grade through high school graduation, but I still went to college and had friends like a normal person. And I wear normal pants.
  2. I have 6 sisters, no brothers. My identical twin and I are the oldest (but I'm 10 minutes older than her), and my youngest sister turned 8 just before Baby B was born. They were all in my wedding.
  3. I played trombone and piano when I was younger. The trombone was in a homeschool band consisting of one flute, one clarinet, one violin, one trumpet, two trombones (which stole the show by drowning out everyone else), and two drums. It was less than normal. :) I don't miss the trombone, but I wish I had tried harder to learn the piano.
  4. I have a degree in interior design and won a prize for highest GPA in my department. The prize was a book written by the university president. Wop-wop.
  5. With the interior design major, I had a geology minor. You know, just for fun. Geology had the best field trips including a week camping in wilderness of Canada. Although camping in November isn't ideal no matter where you are.
  6. My freshman year my sister & I woke up at 6am three days a week to play ultimate frisbee in the gym. Those are some of my best college memories. Nothing else can make me willingly get up that early. I was in the best shape of my life that year.
  7. When I was little I cut up my curtains to make Barbie towels and blamed it on a friend. I just confessed to my mom 2 weeks ago. Because I'm so mature.
  8. I finally went to Disneyland when I was 23. I was also pregnant at the time, but didn't know it yet. It works out well because now Baby B can't say I never took him anywhere. 
  9. I do not like animals. Any of them. Except maybe ponies. I fully intend to retire to a pony farm where my grandkids will beg their parents to let them spend their summers. 
  10. I like gravy. A lot. It's like the frosting of meats. And bacon is the candy.
  11. I need a lot of sleep. In college I was rarely up past 11pm. As a freshman I was require to get a "late pass" to be out past midnight. I only used one all year, and I used it because I was with a study group finishing up a project the night before finals. 
 Questions from Anna:
1. What is your favorite food? Ice cream. And anything involving bacon.
2. What is your dream job? Hmmm... Something involving crafting and design that I could do from home. I don't know exactly. :)
3. Favorite movie/TV show? I'm loving Psych right now! And The Stupids might be my all time favorite movie. It's as good as it sounds. Go watch it now.
4. Favorite game? Board game - Settlers of Catan, Active game - Ultimate Frisbee.
5. Do you like sports? Do you prefer to play or watch? I like to play! But hockey is the only sport I like to watch. Football is my bane.
6. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? Machu Picchu! I would love to explore ancient ruins!
7. Your dream vacation would be… Staying in a nice hotel at a beach or in the mountains. Pretty much anywhere that is unique and not like home!
8. Do you prefer to bake or cook? I prefer to cook but I enjoy both. But I hate the cleanup after!
9. What is your favorite craft? Sewing! Especially making bags and things for my home.
10. City or small town? Why? Small town because it's how I grew up. I liked knowing everyone and how quiet the streets were.
11. Favorite thing that happened in 2011 and what you are most looking forward to in 2012 :D Baby B was born in 2011! One thing I'm really looking forward to in 2012 is working on our kitchen. 

 Questions from Shantalle:
1. If you could change your name to anything, what would it be? I actually really like my name... but I would change my middle name to Danger!
2. If I gave you $100.00 what would you do with it? Buy trim & paint to finally tackle our kitchen cabinets.
3. Do you parallel park or drive around the block? Drive around the block as many times as necessary. And park blocks away if I have to.
4. Do you prefer a rainy day or a snowy day? Snowy... as long as I get to stay home!
5. What makes you bored? Watching sports. (sorry, husband!)
6. If I took your electronics away (ALL OF THEM), could you survive? Technically yes, but I might lose my mind.
7. Do you know any phone numbers by heart or are they all on speed dial? I know my parents and a few friends and relatives by heart (mostly just the ones I learned when I was little) but I used speed dial anyway. :)
8. What do you fear the most & why? Tornadoes. I have no idea. I've never even seen one.
9. Name your top 5 movies. Pride & Prejudice, Lord of the Rings (counts as one?), Harry Potter (also counts as one?), The Stupids, and Muppet Treasure Island.
10. Do you prefer a kindle over a paperback & why or why not? Nope. I just like paper. I prefer paper to screens for sure. I like making lists on paper, too. Plus I like seeing how much I have left to read and being able to mark and highlight (which I realize you can do with a kindle, but come on, it's just not the same!). With that said I don't have a kindle and might be won over if I actually had one!
11. Pumps, Sandals or flats? Flats & flip flops = 95% of the shoes I own.
12. Are you a pillow flipper? Nope, I can pretty much sleep where/how I drop!

 My Questions for YOU:
  1. What is your dream job?
  2. What is your favorite summer activity?
  3. Are you a morning or evening person?
  4. What is your favorite book?
  5. What is your favorite room in your house?
  6. What is your favorite craft project?
  7. Do you wear shoes in the summer or go barefoot?
  8. What's the best vacation you've taken?
  9. If I gave you $100 what would you do with it?
  10. Cake or ice cream? 
  11. How long did you leave up your Christmas tree?
  12. What are your favorite baby (or pet!) names?
And I'm going to tag....
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No pressure if you guys don't want to participate, but if you do let me know so I can check out your answers! And I would LOVE to see answers from anyone else who wants to participate - either leave a blog link or just answer in the comments! 


  1. These are awesome Georgia. Kudos for doing both! Thanks for taking the time! It was fun! ps. Normal pants comment is HILARIOUS!

  2. Number seven made me laugh and I loved the normal pants comment :D Oh home school band. Remember when you and Bethany tried to confuse the teachers by switching instruments?

    1. Thanks. :) Yes! That didn't last very long. Ha! It would have been better if we actually learned to play each others instruments a little. :) Thanks for tagging me!