Wednesday, May 30


Baby B and I walked to a yard sale at the park last weekend! Then we had to lug our loot home. After lugging it around the nature trail and playground first. Ha ha. Not very well planned, but it was a very fun day! Here's what we came home with:

$1.00 - Pool floaty for Gramps & Grammy's pool!

 $4.00 - A high chair booster. I've started watching one of Baby B's little friends sometimes and I wanted them to be able to eat lunch together, but not have to store a big high chair. So this was perfect!

$0.30 - Two metal lanterns that I plan to spray paint and use on the patio
$0.05 - A small metal piggy bank

 $0.10 - a small bead toy that Baby B played with in the stroller on the way home. $0.10 well spent!

 Free - a bag to carry it home in!

I strapped the highchair on top of the stroller and carried the rest of it home in my new bag. :)

The One That Got Away: A whole box of mason jars for $10. I didn't have enough money or a way to transport them, so I walked away. Then I called my sweet husband who offered to come pick them up for me! So I ran back, and saw someone else walking away with them. Fail. And my phone battery died so I couldn't even call N and tell him not to come. Double fail. But overall, still not a bad day!

What was your best find this week? Did anything get away from you?

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