Thursday, August 9

A Trim Trick

This is a new trick I learned! We installed white trim when we knocked out the wall between the kitchen & living room. But there were gaps where the pieces met, which was pretty obvious just because the shadows in the gaps are so prominent against the white paint.

So we bought some paintable caulk, filled the cracks, and gave it a quick coat of white paint to keep everything neat and seamless. It was so fast and easy, it's a little ridiculous it took us so long to do it! :) Here's the after:

It looks so much nicer and more finished now. What's your favorite trick for quick fix-up's?


  1. Caulk is such a miracle product! Lol! Sometimes I use it to fill holes and I don't even paint it (when used on white paint of course!).

    I also sometimes use white toothpaste to fill in little nail holes! Shhhh... don't tell anyone! :-)

    1. You know, I probably didn't have to paint this either! And your toothpaste secret is safe with me. That is so funny! :)