Saturday, August 11

Garden Goodies and a Garden Baby

Baby B and I have made a habit of going out to the garden in the afternoon to pick tomatoes, check on our baby watermelons, and of course take a dip in the wading pool!

 I grow the teeniest tomatoes I've ever seen. It's a gift... and a curse.

 Our biggest baby watermelon! I spotted two more yesterday. Funny story - Baby B ALMOST picked the watermelon the other day. It's only funny because I stopped him just in time. If I hadn't it would be a very different kind of story.

 Baby eggplant that has since been eaten by a squirrel. :-( This means war.

 A whole mess of yellow zucchinis!

 The zucchini plant is out of control.

 My favorite garden scavenger

 "Who, me?"

 "I see a red one!"

 "I thought it was a red one...."

 He always pull the stems off right away. If I have a bowl of tomatoes picked, he will go through and pull all the stems off for me. Crazy pants.

 Got it!

Ooooooo, so soft and squishy!

"Neighbor? NEIGHBOR?!? I know you're there!"

Let's do it again tomorrow!