Wednesday, August 22

Stripe Love

I need stripes. Somewhere - anywhere - in my house. Big, thick horizontal stripes to be specific. I LOVE what they can do to a space, they way the add interest, color, boldness. Just ask my husband. This is the conversation that has started almost every room we've painted:

Husband: "What color were you thinking?"
Me: "I was thinking maybe stripes."
Husband: "That's not a color."
Me: "Well, how about green stripes?
Husband: "I don't think we should do stripes."
Me: "What about gray stripes?"
Husband: "I don't think that's a good idea. You'll regret it and just want to paint over it."
Me: "Or maybe yellow stripes?"
Husband: "We're not doing stripes."

Shot down. But the jokes on him, because NOW I want to paint over everything to add stripes! I know, hardcore plot twist. I think it started with the nursery where I wanted to do either gray or teal stripes (it ended up beige). Then when we painted the office I wanted some nice moody gray stripes again (it is gray, but not stripey). Then I moved to the living room, which we actually painted first over a year ago, and asked if we could go back and add some stripes to the green-ish walls. This brings us to today, where I would happily take any of the aforementioned options, but I'm also about to spring kitchen stripes on him (surprise!). I'm thinking some nice, pale green stripes to complement the green living room, but make things a little sassy. While we wait for my stripes to make an appearance, please feast your eyes on a little stripey love from the wonderful world of pinterest....

Did I say bold horizontal stripes? Well, this might be a little too bold for me to bring home, but what a statement! I'm LOVING the black & white contrast. And the frame collage? Be still my heart.

This is what I wanted in our nursery! So simple, and so fun. And the light colors would be great for such a small room.

Just loving the subtle grays, especially with white trim.

Nice and bold. This was kind of my other thought for the nursery, but maybe a little more on the teal side (I feel like that could be more gender neutral in case of future sisters). And I'm a big fan of these thicker lines!

While I definitely prefer a horizontal stripe, vertical definitely has it's place as well. I love the kind of paneling-effect the created with trim, and especially the random widths.

And if you want something a little more interesting and daring... how about some chevron stripes? Once again, I'm loving the gray. And using the stripes as an accent wall? Genius. Love it. And I think we can agree, things would get a little crazy if the chevron went all the way around. :)

But wait! Who says regular stripes can't be daring? I wish our house had ceilings high enough to pull this off. So fun and unexpected!

And if you don't have time to paint (or if you're renting - this would be great for walls you're not allowed to paint!) you can get fun stripey effects using.... duct tape! Who knew? The Nester used white duct tape to make this diamond pattern in her bedroom, but I imagine you could do the same with stripes!

Anybody else feeling the stripe love? It's such an easy way to add interest and fun. Do you have a favorite stripey space? I'd love to see links or pics!

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