Friday, May 31

The Master Bath

Did you know we have a half bath upstairs? I don't know if I've even mentioned it since we first moved in. It's been one of our more neglected room thus far, but we've finally spruced it up a bit. This is how it looked when we first toured the house. Lots of pink and lots of brown!

Until now the only worked we had done in there was painting the paneling and trim when we painted the rest of the master suite (read about that here). And I don't even have a picture of that! Oops. But last weekend with a few babysitters in town I managed to throw things together in there.

It's an improvement, right?  I just re-painted the shelves, hung a picture and added some baskets and glass jars. Just those little things made a pretty big difference! The picture is from Ikea - they don't have it anymore, but they have these in the same style. We had it in the bathroom at our last house.

The shelves were also from Ikea, and also discontinued. Boo. I love the metal brackets. We had these painted black in our old kitchen and when we first moved in I put one up in the bathroom to make up for the lack of counter space. As you can probably imagine, the black looked horrible with the pale yellow walls and pink sink. I brought up the second shelf to add more storage and repainted both with leftover white paint from our kitchen cabinets.

I also brought in a large basket to hold toilet paper, a small mason jar to hold toothbrushes (instead of laying them on the counter, which we've done for over 2 years), and brought in the glass jars of q-tips and cotton balls that had been living on my nightstand right outside the bathroom door. And just like that it's starting to look presentable. And I did it all with things that were sitting around the house! Does that mean I have too many things? Maybe. And while I'm still not crazy about a pink sink, I feel like it kind of fits in now. Or at least doesn't totally stand out like a glaring beacon of the 50's. Maybe it's starting to grow on me.

So that's our little bathroom update. How do you feel about pink sinks? Kind of cool? Or is that just wishful thinking? 

I'll leave you with this pic of our copy cat, reading a bedtime story with aunt Beffy. He picked out hop on pop, got out his "tiny pop pop pop" book to read along, and crossed his little legs. I don't know what we would do without him!

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