Monday, October 14

Day 14 - Nest Necklace

Welcome back, friends! This month we're working on 31 handmade gifts for everyone on your list. You can find links to the full series here.

We're working on ladies' week and today we'll be making some sweet little bird's nest necklaces.

These are really easy to make, and one of the fastest projects we'll do this week. So they are great if you're looking for last minute ideas.

But my favorite thing about these is how sweet and personal they can be. They a great for moms because you can match the number of eggs to their number of kids, use her favorite colors, and even use different colors or sizes for girls and boys if you want. What a beautiful tribute to a mom's greatest work!


I made this necklace for myself with two little aqua colored eggs for my two boys. It's even more special to me because I brought the beads back from a mission trip years ago. Seriously, guys, there are so many ways to give this gift a really meaningful, personal touch.

This is all you need to make them:
  • 22 gauge jewelry wire (I liked 22 because you can mold it with your hands but it's still pretty sturdy. You can try other sizes for a different look. I used a bronze wire just because I like the look of it, but you can use whatever color you like best!)
  • beads (any size/color you like)
  • necklace chain (any style you like. I used a bronmy ze ball chain to match nest. )
**If you're recipient has sensitive skin you'll want to use sterling silver for the nest and chain!**

Start by putting the beads you want on the wire leaving a couple inches of tail.

Wrap the tail around to lock in your beads.

Then start wrapping the wire around.

Keep going until you get a good nest shape (you can make the nest as full or thin as you like).

Cut the wire leaving a good foot of tail to work with. Start wrapping (or weaving might be a better word) down through the middle of the nest and up around the outside, encasing the rings of the nest. You just want to wrap it enough times to keep the nest from unwinding.

About halfway through the wrapping, make a small loop at the back of the nest for your chain to go through. Then finish wrapping, clip any extra wire, and tuck the end into the nest so it can't scratch anybody.

Then run the chain through the loop you left on the back.

All done! Now go make a couple more. They whip up so fast!

They're great for any mom you know (even non-moms will love them) but especially think about this one for your mom, grandma, or sister. It's perfect for the people you're closest too!

This is my cost breakdown for this project (all from Hobby Lobby):

$2.00 - wire (on sale 50% off, made two necklaces and have lots left over)
$2.50 - pearls (on sale 50% off, lots left over)
$0.00 - aqua beads (from a broken necklace I already owned)
$1.00 - necklace (on sale 50% off, pack of two)

Total: $5.50

And did I mention I got two necklaces out of that with lots to of pieces to spare? That puts me under $2.75 each! That's a pretty thrifty gifty. *giggle* *snort* Anyway... Hobby Lobby marks different categories 50% off every week, so if you watch for the jewelry section to hit a sale like I did then you can really make out like a bandit on these guys! It seems like the sterling silver isn't on sale as often so be sure to keep your eyes open and shop around (try Joann Fabric or Michaels) if that's what you need.

I'll probably be making several of these this year. I'm thinking of making one for each mom in my bible study group using their favorite colors and matching the eggs to their number of children. Seems like a fitting gift for a mom's group, huh?

And now your prize at the end of the post... boys in black & white!

These eyes kill me.

Big one loves his "baby budder!"

Baby A is a one-expresion-baby.

I told B to give Baby A a kiss. He decided he rather be the kissee and let Baby A be the kisser.

Are you guys getting much checked off your list yet? Have you been shopping for months or do you wait until closer to get started? Don't forget, I'll be doing a giveaway in November to give a little boost to your gifting!


  1. I love the necklaces! I am thinking of making them for my assistants in my classroom!
    I always love to see the boys!

  2. Such sweet necklaces. My sister gave me one for Christmas last year with a bead for each of my children. I love it!