Friday, January 17

Goals in 2014

I interrupt the belated Chrsitmassy stuffs to bring you this "HOW IS IT 2014 ALREADY?!" post. Just keeping it current up in here. I've always said I'm not really into the whole resolutions thing... but year after year I make lists of things I want to do. So I guess I'm in to it more than I thought. My list usually isn't super specific and doesn't have any kind of real commitments because I know going in that I probably won't get them all done. But it's still a good, fun way to focus in on a new year! So here are some of my goals for 2014...

Bake Bread. The main goal being to bake bread instead of buying to save $$ and know what we're eating. I'm not going to cry about it if we end up buying bread to fill in since this seems like a pretty lofty goal, so at this point if I just learn to make a good loaf of bread a couple times a month I'll be happy!

Eat Whole Foods. And less processed foods. We've been working on this a lot already, but I'd like to still do better. More produce and more homemade goodness. And lots of flops along the way. But this is how we learn.

Teach Big Brother Letters. And numbers. Also teach him to read and speak Spanish and do Geometry. Okay, not that last part. ;) But I am hoping for number & letter recognition!

Play Outside. And then play outside some more. This is more of a summer goal, but I'll try to get them out on some of the nicer winter days too. Little boys need to move and it would be great to do that moving out in the sunshine. And a bonus is that outside time = gardening for me and if they're tearing the yard apart the house stays in one piece!

Time with My Boys. Quality & quantity. I am home with them all the time, but I want to be more intentional about spending time WITH them and not just around them. It's hard for me to find a balance between spending good quality time with the boys (reading, playing, working together) and spending time on the other things that need to get done (dishes, laundry, blogging...). I'm hoping to find that balance this year.

Read. I don't have a specific number of books or anything, but I love to read and have barely done it since Baby Brother arrived. A few I'd like to read are Allegiant, The Hunger Games (again. because I saw the second movie and can't remember what happens next. It's a gift.), Nourishing Traditions, Cure Tooth Decay, Backyard Homestead, Four Season Harvest, Bringing Up Boys, This Present Darkness & Piercing the Darkness and something sci-fi-tastic. I actually already own all of these books except for Nourishing Traditions (and a couple I've read or at least started before) so it would be great to actually get them read!

Garden. And grow more than just tomatoes like last year. But it will take some kind of garden cage because everything I've ever planted has been eaten by the neighborhood vermin. Also known as squirrels and bunny rabbits.

Take Walks. Or bike rides. Lots of summer family fun & exercise for us please! Last summer I was basically a whale so we didn't do too much of anything. Hoping to make up for that this year!

Save $$$.  Specifically for a van. It would be great to have something set aside for when our car inevitable bites the dust.

Organize the Basement. That's on my goal list every year. Maybe this is the year? :)

Family Devotions. Husband has jumped right in with family devotions before bed and it's going great so far! We really like listening to parts of GT and the Halo Express and then talking about what we heard. 

And that's it! What kind of goals do you guys have this year?

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