Wednesday, January 1

Handpainted Ornaments {around the world}

I'm probably supposed to start off with some big post about the new year and what-not. With my resolutions to clean the bathroom twice a week (not likely), run 1000 miles (ha), and learn to speak Galifreyan (Doctor Who say what?!). But hey, look guys! Christmassy stuffs!

My artsy sister handpainted these for my tree this year. In exchange for hemming her curtains. We both agree I won that trade. I love these SOOO much and still can't believe she made them! I saw them in a Crate and Barrel Catalog (at Crate and Barrel prices) and she knocked these off for just $1 each. And she totally nailed it.

These are the CB version (they're actually on sale now if you'd rather buy a set). I have some spray sealer to give mine a glossy finish like this, but it hasn't been warm enough to do it yet.
Image by Crate & Barrel. Available here.

I bought these ornaments at Hobby Lobby for $1 each (they might be some kind of paper mache? I just know they aren't breakable. That's my main criteria right now.) and set her to work with some paints. I asked her what colors she needed and she said primaries, black & white. She's a paint mixing fiend.

She started by painting each ornament a solid color.

And let them dry.

Then she just looked at the picture in the catalog to paint all the details. She is very good at the details. :) I'm not so much because I only bought five ornaments instead of six to make a full set. My bad. Here are the five I chose:

"Feliz Navidad" for Spain.

"Dosvendanya" for Germany (which seems to mean "goodbye"?).

"Vrolijk Kerstmis" for Poland.

"Trevlig Helg" for Sweeden.

And "Froje Feiertage" for German Merry Christmas.

And they turned out so pretty!

I spent $5 for these ornaments (which were originally $30 from CB) plus acrylic paints if you don't have some already. And it probably would have been less if I waited until after Christmas for them ornaments to go on sale... but no.

So a lot of things really can be cheaper if you make them yourself (or if your sister makes them for you)! Honestly I thought these looked super intimidating, but if the choice is give it a try or don't have the pretty ornaments at all... sometimes you just have to give it a go. Don't be afraid to try!

Do you have any DIY ornaments or decorations? Share your favorites and I'd love to see any pics or tutorials!


  1. As for that "Dosvendanya" it looks veeery similar to "do svidanya" and that means "good bye" in Russian. :)

  2. Ha ha, that's probably what it was supposed to be! I was relying on a tiny picture and google translator... so... we'll just go ahead and say I was wrong. ;)

  3. Hi Georgia, I really like making DIY decorations and these are really super cool! Gives some great ideas for next year thanks so much for sharing :)