Monday, December 18

Fun & Festive Wrapping Tips (on a budget!)

I love wrapping Christmas gifts, and I love to make the outside just as exciting as what's inside! And I do it without investing a lot of time, or a lot of money. Here are a few of my favorite tips for fun and festive wrapping on a budget! (check out the rest of our Christmas projects and posts here)

The Paper
Choose a color family and stick to it. I always go for brown and red papers, so I know whatever I buy year after year will work with the papers and ribbons I already have.

Get brown paper at Dollar Tree. Seriously. They have good size rolls of brown paper with the packing supplies for just $1! You know what they say about brown paper packages tied up with string, right? It's a simple and timeless favorite.

A few years ago, I did all our wrapping with a mix of this brown paper and newspaper. I literally spent $1 on wrapping paper that year.