Sunday, January 1

2023 Goals Printable

There's something about a new year that inspires us toward a fresh start. It's such a natural time to reflect on the past and to look toward the future. It's a time for dreaming, hoping, and planning. And there's something that feels so good about getting all those thoughts down on paper! So today I have a super simple printable for anyone else who's reflecting on what this next year might hold. 

Now, this is not a resolution list. And trust me, there is a difference. While resolutions imply something you're absolutely committing to doing or changing, this goals list is more of brain dump for your hopes and dreams for the year. It's much more fun (and for me, more productive) kind of list! Anything you'd like to work towards or make progress on this year can go on the list - home projects you'd like to tackle, places you'd like to visit, habits you'd like to practice, etc. All the things you'd love to see in, you know, a perfect world. But we don't live in a perfect world, do we? And we have no idea what this next year will hold. Which is also the beautiful thing about a goal sheet like this. It's totally flexible and totally fluid. No pressure when things change or plans fail. We can go into it knowing things don't always work out, and we most likely won't cross everything off before next year. It's ok. The best plans in the world are really just guesses, aren't they? We can still fill in this goal sheet full of hope, realizing that it's all in God's hands.

I added a snippet of this verse to the bottom of the goals sheet as a reminder. And if you're goal planning with the kids, it's a great time to go over it with them, too!

So let's talk details for just a minute and then you can get on your merry list-making way! I've left this printable totally blank so you can let it fit your needs perfectly. There are seven different sections you can label for yourself to fit your own personal goals (i.e. home projects, garden projects, homeschool goals, fitness goals, etc.), and you can even print separate pages for different goals (i.e. print a sheet just for homeschool goals and work through it with your kids to brainstorm field trips, projects, or unit studies they would love to tackle this year). Make it work for your family!

That's it! Download your list here and get started!

Download the 2023 Goals Printable