Thursday, May 23

Clean-Lined Cubby Coffee Table (Day 18)

Well, friends, you've made it to the end of the DIY Coffee Table Series. If you've hung with me this far, you pretty much rock. Thank you for being my people!

I want to end the series with a unique coffee table that's based on one of the posts in our DIY Nightstand Series. It has shallow drawers at the bottom for stashing remotes, cards, or even a small laptop (and you can choose if you want four smaller drawer or two larger drawers!). The shelf is perfect for books, baskets, or a blanket. It's a pretty simple build and we're even taking an easier approach to drawers!

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Wednesday, May 22

DIY Rolling Cart Coffee Table (Day 17)

This coffee table is a great way to  bring an industrial vibe to your living room. It's reminiscent of an industrial rolling cart and looks great painted glossy white, matte black, or with a rustic stain finish! The casters add to the character, but they also make it super easy to move for vacuuming, or pulling it closer to put your feet up. It's an easy build that doesn't require any specialty tools.

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Tuesday, May 21

2x4 Farmhouse Coffee Table (Day 16)

My hands-down favorite thing we've built for our house is our DIY farmhouse dining table. I love the style, I love that it holds up to life with a house full of boys, I love that it's where we all gather daily. So I couldn't round out our DIY Coffee Table Series without paying homage to our favorite! It's a smaller scale opportunity for your family to gather around for games, movies, or pizza night. It's a simple build and it can be made entirely of budget-friendly 2x4s!

Monday, May 20

Modern Plywood Coffee Table (Day 15)

This coffee table has a modern style that almost looks like a sculptural piece of art right in your living room! But it's not all about the looks - it's actually functional as well. Each leg forms a U-shape that is designed to hold books or magazines right where you need them! Plus it's another easy build that's great for beginners!

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Once you build the two leg sections, you can position them any way you like to change the look of the coffee table. I've drawn the plans with one leg facing in and one facing out, but you can also face both legs in under the table:

Or face them both out:

You can even go with a U-shape leg on just one side and a plain, straight leg on the other! Ready to give it a try?