Monday, April 8

DIY Natural Foaming Hand Soap

This is so easy it almost doesn't even deserve to be called DIY. Like, if you can open a bottle you can do it. But if you're looking for an all natural hand soap that's more cost effective with less waste, look no further!

I've tried other DIY hand soaps in the past in the past and I've learned a few things:
  1. Most take a lot of work (grating bar soap, boiling, etc.)
  2. They end up with a weird goopy texture
  3. My kids wash way better with foaming soap anyway
This soap is no work, no weird texture, and allllll foamy goodness. It's a win win win.

Tuesday, April 2

Bathroom Design for the Whole Family

Over the last few years I've learned a lot about balancing kid needs with adult needs, and kid style with adult style. I guess that comes naturally when you have a little flock of children in the house! It all comes down to balance and creating beautiful spaces that work for the whole family. I talked recently about a few functional updates that made our bathroom work so much better, so today I wanted to touch on bathroom design from an aesthetic standpoint and how we turned our shared bathroom into a space we all enjoy. Even though this space is for the kids, it's also for us. My beauty-loving brain needed to find the balance between something for the kids that was still grown-up-ish enough for my eyes. I am what I am. And I'm a momma who likes peaceful surroundings behind all the chaos of four boys.