Saturday, May 12


Say what?! Yes, we've done a lot of yard sale damage over the last few weeks. I know. But bear with me, because we had some GREAT finds! And if it makes it any better, this is from the last few weekends which included a neighborhood wide sale. :) Let's go!

$5.00 - Turtle sandbox that we will use as a wading pool for Baby B! I was hoping to find something with a cover that would fit in the corner of the patio, and this guy was perfect. Is it a little scary? Yes. But when endless summer fun is $5, you don't complain. :)

$10.00 - Sand & water table. Also endless summer fun for Baby B. Lucky boy! I do feel like $10 was a little high for this, but I made the mistake of setting my heart on finding one before yard sale season even began. Then when $10 was as low as I could talk them, I went ahead and went for it. Note to self: don't become attached to something before I even find it.

 $1 - Lego pirate ship, full of sails and pirates and cannons! I couldn't pass this up for only $1, so I carried it all the way around the neighbor hood sale because it wouldn't fit in the stroller. And because pirate ships make anyone look cool. And it was totally worth it because when Baby B found it in his room he was thrilled! And yes, most of my purchases this year will undoubtedly be for Baby B. I cannot resist him.

 $3.00 - Basket. The kind with compartments for silverware and napkins.
$0.25 - Decanter? Is that what it's called?

 $5.00 - Clothes for Baby B. Some for this summer, and some warmer clothes to grow into. I generally have a rule of no more than $0.50 per item for baby clothes. I know that if I'm patient I will find plenty of people selling for that price and it keeps me from buying more expensive things than I need to. But I did falter with the outfit on the left. It was $1 per piece. But it is immaculate and Baby B will be ADORABLE in it.

 $2.00 - Books. There were 3 other books but Baby B had already ran off with them by this point. They were Clifford & Curious George books.

$4.00 - Winter coat for Baby B. I'm not sure what a good price is for a children's coat? But this one looked brand new and all the coats I saw that day (in the neighborhood sale) were $3-5 each. Either way, it was certainly better than buying one new!

$0.25 - Cute t-shirt
$0.25 - Glass jar for succulents or some other small plant.

 $5.00 - Pile of clamps. We're always wishing we had some! Hopefully these guys we'll be just what we need.

 $0.50 - Basket. I'm going to try spray painting it. I'll let you know how it goes.

 $10.00 - A pair of chairs. They need some TLC, but I loved the shape and thought they would be perfect for our dining area. They are nice and solid too, so they should be here for the long haul!

 $1.00 - A small bowling set. I thought this would be cute in Baby B's room, and he already wants to play with the bowling pins. (they are like 5" tall, nothing he can fit in his mouth!)

 $4.00 - More clothes for Baby B! And a maternity skirt for me. Don't get excited, I don't need it yet. It was only $0.50 so I bought it for someday. :)

 And while we're on the subject of Baby B clothes, my Aunt Cha Cha (a yard-saling pro. she teaches me everything I know.) got Baby B a ginormous box of super-cute clothes! Jammies, shirts, pants, lots of sizes, even shoes and snow pants! Thanks so much, Cha Cha! This is a huge blessing!

Have you been doing math this whole time? Feel like things just aren't adding up enough to reach the total? Well, hold on to your hats because we made one big (and super exciting!) purchase this weekend!

$200.00 - A new fridge! Yep, I hit up an estate sale first thing Friday morning and found this guy in the kitchen just begging to come home with me! So I took some measurements, made a quick call to my Mister, and made a deal. This guy is stainless steel, almost new, working perfectly, and fits exactly into our fridge space. I like to say that if you go to enough sales you are bound to get lucky eventually, but I think this was a straight up blessing. I'll be sure to post pics as soon as he is moved into place!

Yard sale season has started full speed for us! So I think we'll be taking it easy the next few weeks to recover. :) How about you? Have you started hitting any sales yet? Any good deals or great finds? Anyone planning to have a sale of their own this summer?

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