Thursday, May 10

The Magic of Mulch

We've been using the nice spring weather to start getting our yard back into shape with things like weeding, trimming the bushes, and finally fixing up the flower beds in our front yard! When we moved in there were already flower beds sectioned off around the light post and trees in our front yard, but they definitely needed some love. For your viewing pleasure, the "littlest helper" montage.

 I know. It's amazing we get anything done with all that cuteness around. But back to the actual work, starting with the light post. There were a few clusters of small daylilies already planted around the bed that I really like, but last summer there were so many weeds and so much grass we couldn't tell where they ended and the flowers began! So far not much of that stuff was back up, so at my dad's advice we tackled that mess before it got out of hand again. We started by pulling the weeds that were there, then my dad dug everything up around the flower just to loosen up the dirt and what not. Then we put down some landscaping fabric which is supposed to help keep those weeds out! The fabric was from Lowe's and has a supposed 15 year warranty. We'll see how that goes. :) Anyway, we covered the whole bed with the fabric, cutting holes around the flowers. Then we covered it all up with mulch. The mulch is great for making it pretty... and keeping weeds out and moisture in.

helping gramps with the mulch

Here is the finished product. Well, finished mulching. I'm really hoping to find an edger at a yard sale this summer so I can clean up the outer edges of the bed as well. But for now, it's done!

 We did the same thing around our trees, too. We planted these cute little hosta guys last year, but lost them among the weeds too. Now they are the stars of the show!

Total cost for three flower beds:
$19 - landscaping fabric (we only used a tiny bit of the roll and plan to use the rest on our garden! Yes, this is the year I get a garden!)
$10 - four bags of cypress mulch
Total - $29

So it was a small chunk of change, but it did wonders for our curb appeal. Now I just have to give the rest of our bushes a spring trimming. (especially my burning bush. apparently those grow crazy out of control if you let them. I don't want to let them.) We also plan to (eventually) repair/replace/paint the light post because it's kind of an eye sore. Then if we can keep the lawn mowed, we will be in good shape. :)

Fortunately we had a lot of curb appeal going for us when we moved in with new windows, siding, and roof. Not to mention the nicely landscaped yard that just needed a little tidying. The trees (crabapple?) bloomed earlier this year and now we are enjoying the lilacs right by the front door. It smells SO good when the door is open. I'm waiting for the blooms to die off before I trim this guy.

 I don't know what this is, but it's starting to bloom too! It's really convenient that someone already planted things that bloom throughout the season. ;)

That's it for our latest curb appeal adventure with the magic of mulch. We'll keep you posted on any advances in the bush trimming or lightpost fixing categories. And if we ever take the carpet off to the steps. Ha! Yes, the only carpet we have left is on our steps, both inside and out. :) I really need to get you some full outdoor pictures. :)

Anyone else giving your yard a spring cleaning?


  1. I love how much of a difference mulch makes! Once my school year wraps up, I am going to ask my landlords to help me extend the planting by my front door. Right now there is only a small space in front and it doesn't connect to my porch. I am excited to add plants and soften my porch area.

    1. Oooo, that sounds great! LOVE some good plants for curb appeal! :)

      And can I say how crazy it is that you're almost done with a whole year of school already?! Well, maybe it doesn't feel like and "already" to you. :) Congrats!!