Wednesday, May 16

planty plants

We were able to go to my parents house last weekend (and spend mother's day with my momma!) and I came home with a bounty of transplants from my dad's garden! Hostas, tomatoes, dill, bleeding hearts, rhubarb, some kind of vines, a pile of bricks, and a woven grape vine garland. Woot! On Monday I tackled the hostas and I've been working on the beginnings of my veggie garden! But more on that later.

 I wanted the hostas for a nice shady spot along the side of the garage. You can see I had two little guys planted there last year.

 Here's a farther back shot of the space. We still have quite a few plans for over here. Here are some of the things we have in mind:
  • First, that black thing is the composter we bought off a friend for $10. I still need to get worms for it, but once it gets going we'll have lots of free compost!
  • Buying (or more likely building) a shed for bikes and the lawnmower. We just don't have room for them in the garage! It will probably go just on this side of the composter to keep it out of sight.
  • Make a rain barrel we can use to water all these plants. It will go on the other side of the composter, under the downspout. 
  • Fill in the rest of the area with hostas or other shade plants.
We'll keep you updated on those and any other backyard projects this summer (maybe a pergola or grilling station?).

But back to the hostas. After my little helper was all napped up we got to work!

 I started by digging up the plants that were there before. Since I don't know how big our future shed will be, I only got four hostas and dug up a spot just big enough for them.

  I loosened up all the soil  with a shovel so I could get the plants out with the roots. (When I pulled the plants I shook all the dirt off the roots so I wouldn't be left with a huge hole.)

 Before I actually did any planting, I slid my hostas over (still in their pots) to find an arrangement I liked.

Once I found a layout I liked, I dug holes and planted these guys. I started with the biggest ones so I didn't have to worry about disturbing the smaller guys while I dug such big holes. Then I tucked the smaller ones in between.

Ta-da! I think this looks a lot tidier and more intentional than what was there before. And hostas are my favorite. :) These should all fill in quite a bit next year so then I'll have a better idea of how my spacing works and be able to fill in any weird gaps.

 Baby B was an excellent helper, as always. And he discovered mud. Which, along with brooms, now tops his list of favorite things. Fortunately he also loves baths. :)

What have you planted lately?


  1. Those are beautiful choices! I'm a leafy green plant girl myself :)

  2. I got my garden planted, when I wanted to for the first time in years! I've got lots of veggies and flowers growing. Tomatoes, squash, egglplant, cukes. Can't wait. I live in Georgia also, it's been nice and warm here mostly for planting, although the colder nights aren't good for it I'd rather not be too hot all the time yet. Have a good one!