Saturday, November 17

Christmas Mini Buntings

Let's get started on some Christmas projects! Woohoo! I have a couple fun projects planned for this year, so just keep your eye out for my Christmas series banner:

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a thing for garlands. I'll put them all over my house for any reason... or no reason at all. And ever since I discovered mini buntings, they have been my go-to garland! So of course I want to make some for Christmas. And why make just one when you can make all different kinds?

These are so easy and so cheap to make. I was able to make all of these essentially for free using card stock and string I already had in the closet. If you're like me, it's hard to know exactly what colors you want to use before you actually see it come together. So hopefully this will help you get started! Here are a few of my favorite color combos for this Christmas...

Do you like a rustic Christmas style? Try mixing in some brown craft paper with muted greens, yellows, and red.

Add some fun and a splash of cheer with a candy cane themed bunting! Keep it more subtle with red flags on a white string, or go all in with alternating red and white flags.

A pure white snow bunting is a great way to add a bright, clean accent. Plus you can use it all winter, not just at Christmas!

And for the Christmas purists, a classic red and green bunting.

So there are a few inspirations to get you started. Pick a favorite, or use them all together for a more eclectic style.

How about a quick refresher on how to make a mini bunting garland? Start by cutting a sheet of card stock into strips about 1" wide, give or take. I like to do some a little wider and some a little narrower.

Fold down the end of the strip to about the height you want your flag to be. (I like to make a mix of taller and shorter ones)

Cut through both layers to make the bottom shape of your flag. I like to make a notch so I have a two point flag.

You should end up with a flag like this:

After you've cut out a lot of flags, you can hot glue them onto a string or twine as shown below, with the string sandwiched between the halves of the flag. I marked two lines about an inch apart on my paper so I could keep my flags evenly spaced. That's it!

I've also made mini pennant buntings out of old book pages:

And out of pieces of drop cloths:

And wait, there's more. Check out my printable alphabet pennants to make a banner for any occasion!

Hopefully this gives you a starting point for some great Christmas mini buntings! What would your perfect bunting look like this year? Do you decorate in any kind of theme?

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