Tuesday, November 6

Free Printable Alphabet Banners

Have you seen the printable alphabet banners by Shanty 2 Chic? They are really cool (I'm using them to print some Christmas banners!) but apart from making fancy Christmassy things the font is a bit to formal for me. So I made my own version with a more fun, everyday font!

And not just any font, it's one of my very favorite fonts - Skinny Jeans! (you can download the Skinny Jeans font for free here) I've even made banners for both versions of the font so you can print either solid letters (like I did) or print the original style hollow letters. You can use my banner downloads to print whatever letters you need to make any banner for any occasion!

Just open the letters you need, print them out (I like to print on cardstock), and cut them out. After that I put mine together Shanty2Chic style - I matted them with another color of cardstock and used clothespins to hang the pennants on a string.

Want to print your own? Just follow these links to get the letters you need:

Solid Letters
Print Solid A
Print Solid B
Print Solid C
Print Solid D
Print Solid E
Print Solid F
Print Solid G
Print Solid H
Print Solid I
Print Solid J
Print Solid K
Print Solid L
Print Solid M
Print Solid N
Print Solid O
Print Solid P
Print Solid Q
Print Solid R
Print Solid S
Print Solid T
Print Solid U
Print Solid V
Print Solid W
Print Solid X
Print Solid Y
Print Solid Z

Solid Numbers
Print Solid 0
Print Solid 1
Print Solid 2
Print Solid 3
Print Solid 4
Print Solid 5
Print Solid 6
Print Solid 7
Print Solid 8
Print Solid 9
Outline Letters
Print Outline A
Print Outline B
Print Outline C
Print Outline D
Print Outline E
Print Outline F
Print Outline G
Print Outline H
Print Outline I
Print Outline J
Print Outline K
Print Outline L
Print Outline M
Print Outline N
Print Outline O
Print Outline P
Print Outline Q
Print Outline R
Print Outline S
Print Outline T
Print Outline U
Print Outline V
Print Outline W
Print Outline X
Print Outline Y
Print Outline Z

Outline Numbers
Print Outline 0
Print Outline 1
Print Outline 2
Print Outline 3
Print Outline 4
Print Outline 5
Print Outline 6
Print Outline 7
Print Outline 8 
Print Outline 9

One big reason I chose this font is because my sister and I use it on our business cards and online store Twice is Nice. The first project I wanted to tackle was making a banner for our booth at craft shows and I thought it would be super spiffy to use the same font!

For our craft booth I also made a mini book bunting to string up with the banner to add another layer of fun and interest. You can make your own here.

Have fun! Make banners! Let me know if you make one! What word name or phrase do you want to make first?


  1. This is awesome, thank you! I just wish there was one big PDF of all the letters.

    1. Glad you like it! I can see how that would be nice... I'll have to see if I can figure out how to do it. :)

  2. Do you have numbers I could download? I would like to make a birthday banner and need the number 1.

    1. Oooo, great idea! I'm making some up right now, I'll have them added to the post in just a bit. :)

  3. Thanks! Now, I'm going to try to make a banner that says, "I am 1"!