Thursday, November 15

Drop Cloth Bunting

I know. I have a problem. Half my posts are about buntings and garlands. So I'll keep this one short. :)

I was using a drop cloth for a few fun projects (coming soon!) and I was left with a pile of scrap pieces. So I made a mini bunting!

I made these just like my mini book bunting, it's just little pennant flags hot glued on a string. You can also check out Baby B's birthday bunting to see a different flag shape.

Nice and neutral and perfect for everyday! And the fabric has a great texture that you just don't get with paper buntings.

Obviously, I haven't decided where to hang it yet. :) I'm working on it.

Anybody else love a good garland? What kind of garland should I try next? (Seriously. Before my husband goes bunting-crazy.)

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