Monday, November 12

Shaklee Review & Giveaway!!!

We all want to make healthy choices for our families, and you guys know one way I do that is by using natural, chemical-free products as much as possible. This is especially true when it comes to things that can be especially dangerous - like cleaning supplies. That's why I'm SO EXCITED about today's post! Kelly contacted me a while ago about doing a review and giveaway of some of Shaklee's natural cleaning products and, seriously, I couldn't say no to that! She selected a few favorite products and then this great box of goodies showed up at my door!

But before we get into that, what is Shaklee? Honestly before talking with Kelly I had never heard of the company before. But now the more I find out about it, the more I love it! In addition to the products themselves being natural and safe, the company as a whole is environmentally responsible! They were the first company to be certified Climate Neutral by completely offsetting their CO2 emissions. Here is some more great info I found on the company (source):
A big selling point and advantage Shaklee have over their rivals is that they steer clear of harsh, abrasive chemicals, sticking to natural ingredients. They only source their ingredients from sustainable sources. When natural or naturally derived ingredients are not available, Shaklee must use scientifically formulated alternatives. These are subject to strict tests to ensure they bioavailability, purity and potency- i.e. to ensure they are as green as can be. Unlike other natural companies, Shaklee are upfront and honest with all of their ingredients and processes. Some natural companies do not reveal their entire ingredients lists, and so their credibilty is somewhat doubted. Their products are concentrated where possible, reducing the amount of water, packaging and energy used per unit, and ensure their packaging is recyclable where possible. Shaklee have won several awards for their commitment to improving the environment, such as the 2007 Global Green USA’s Organizational Design Award and the 2008 Stevie Award for Best Corporate Environmental Responsibility Program. Do Shaklee products live up to their environmentally friendly hype? Absolutely.
Pretty cool, huh?

But you're probably still wondering.... do the products work? Let's take a look!

Basic H2
We'll go ahead and start with one of my favorites! The Shaklee Basic H2 is pretty fantastic. Here's how it works:

The Basic H2 is a concentrated all purpose cleaner. One bottle of the concentrate and the set of spray bottles that go with it are all I need for MOST of my cleaning jobs! The spray bottles have directions for mixing three different types of cleaners - Degreaser, All-Purpose Cleaner, and Window Cleaner - all made with the same concentrate! I LOVE that I can buy one bottle of concentrate and use it to make all the cleaners I need. Plus it only takes a tiny amount to mix up each cleaner so the concentrate will last a long time! I also love that it has no scent - my house doesn't smell like chemicals or flowers or lemons, it just smells like nothing! Great for anyone who is sensitive to smells!

All Purpose Cleaner - kitchens, appliances, bathrooms, furniture, fixtures, walls, stainless steel, sealed granite, marble, & woodwork.

Window Cleaner - windows & mirrors.

Degreaser - ovens, microwaves, stove pans, grills, (I also used this on a nasty mess in the fridge).

And there are SO many more uses for the H2 Concentrate. Kelly sent me a list of dozens of cleaning recipes! It can even be used as a wash for fruits and veggies! That's right, it's so safe you can use it to clean dirt and pesticides of your food. Gotta love that. I feel totally safe using this in the kitchen and even around Baby B.

I'm still finding new ways to use it, but here are a few things I've done with it so far...

  • The first thing I did was use the All-Purpose Cleaner to wipe out my stinky diaper pail. I thought that stink would be a good first test, so I wiped it down, stuck my nose in, and.... it didn't smell at all. Wowza.
  • Deep cleaning my kitchen and bathrooms
  • Everyday wipe-downs of kitchen counters, tables, & highchairs
  • Cleaning the floors - both tile and hard wood
  • Windows & mirrors

I've been using it for all my cleaning, and have been so impressed with it! This might be my very favorite product from the set!!

Scour Off
This is another favorite of mine! The Shaklee Scour Off is a super tough paste that is great for stuck on messes on things like sinks, tile, grout, ovens, ovenproof glass, stovetops, ceramic tiles, porcelain sinks, and baked enamel. (And it's surprisingly colorful! I don't want to ruin any surprises... so I'll just say it's not white!) I've cleaned things with the Scour Off that I had totally given up on before. Want some examples? Just promise not to judge...

This pot is a prime example. I had tried everything to get the burn stains off, even steel wool and scotch brite pads! So I assumed this was as clean as it could get and (I'm a little embarrassed to say) just kept cooking with it. Then I gave the Scour Off a try, and a couple minutes later....

Um... ok. I think I'll be keeping this thankyouverymuch. After working a miracle on my pots, I started reaching for it every time some was stuck on or stained beyond hope. It's taken coffee stains out of mugs, removed a rust stain that was on my sink for months after letting a pan soak too long, another rust stain from when I did the same thing on the countertop (oops), and I even used it to scrub down my bathtub! Not to mention all the spills it's taken off my stovetop. Am I a messy cook? Maybe.

Fresh Laundry Detergent - Unscented
This is the first all natural laundry detergent I've ever tried, and so far I really like it! It can also be used as a spot treatment, and it works in both standard and HE machines. I love that it's unscented (have I mentioned that I don't like smells? The unscented is great!!), hypoallergenic, and chlorine free. And this one small bottle can do 32 loads! It does still cost a little more than the Sun Free & Clear that I've been using, but for an all natural detergent it is a great deal, and I think worth a little extra. And I think my clothes are coming out softer than before (I don't use fabric softeners, so it's all from the detergent).

Nature Bright Laundry Booster and Stain Remover
This is a super powerful stain remover great for everything from clothing and upholstery to lawn furniture. This is the only product that I haven't been totally in love with yet, but I don't think it's had as good of a chance. I've had a harder time finding things to use it on. I started just using it as a laundry booster, but didn't notice a big difference there. But after talking more with Kelly I realized its real power is as a multi-surface stain remover! Kelly says she loves it most for things like mud and grass stains on her boys' pants... like everyday! Just soak them over night & rub the fabric together as it soaks for really tough stains (I haven't had any grass stains to try this on yet). Also for cleaning the toilet by pouring in a couple teaspoons and swishing it around - which may be my favorite idea for this product!! She also says it's great for getting rid of occasional musty smells from things like the washing machine.  So, pretty much I need to find some good stains and give it another go. :)

Overall, I am loving the products so far. They are a fantastic alternative to my homemade cleaners, much safer than traditional products, and cheaper than commercial natural cleaners! If you're like me, one of the first things you wonder about things like this is "But HOW MUCH does it cost?!" Well, Kelly included a price breakdown for a bunch of Shaklee products! Here are how a few of the cleaners I tried compare:

All Purpose Cleaner: $0.22/gallon (compare to 7th Generation @ $20/gallon)
Window Cleaner: $0.01/gallon (compare to 7th Generation @ $16/gallon)
Nature Bright: $2.29/gallon (compare to Shout Stain Remover @ $20/gallon)

So that's pretty much my experience with Shaklee thus far. They have TONS of other products I want to try as well, starting with the dish soap and dishwasher detergent. And besides cleaning supplies they have lots of other natural products too - everything from vitamins & supplements to skin care to baby wash to water purifiers! If you're looking to try natural products around your home, this is a GREAT place to start!!

But wait. There's more! Kelly has so generously offered to do a giveaway for More Like Home readers! That's right, one lucky reader will be walking away with a set of Shaklee Products, including:

  • Basic H Concentrate
  • Basic H Spray Bottles
  • Scour Off
  • Nature Bright Laundry Booster & Stain Remover

It's an amazing set to start with! Use the Rafflecopter to enter, and be sure to give Kelly a big "thank you" for such a wonderful giveaway!

For those of you who can't wait to jump into some safer, healthier cleaning products, Kelly is offering FREE reimbursement shipping for all order over $50 now through November 15, 2012 and Shaklee is offering FREE shipping on all orders over $200 through Novmber 18, 2012! Check out her website to order, just let her know More Like Home sent you. :)

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Thanks so much Kelly for introducing me to these awesome products! I'm hooked! For anyone interested in more info, check out Kelly's Shaklee page here, and her blog here. Happy cleaning!


  1. I'm going to show my naivete by asking the dumb question: how do you know it's killing the bad germs and bacteria? (Granted, I know just because my other products smell "clean" doesn't mean it's getting everything; I've just been brain-washed to think that.) I'm just curious about it's effectiveness in that regard.

  2. You are right that we are programmed to think that clean has to SMELL CLEAN! But the smells are usually proof of their toxicity, not their effective cleaning :-) Shaklee also has a product called Basic-G
    That is good for areas prone to bacteria, such as the kitchen and bathroom.
    I can get you more info, just e-mail me at
    Hope that helps, thanks! ~Kelly