Tuesday, February 26

A Boy and His Dog

Just came across some pics from last fall of my handsome little mister! First a little back story - we were at Ikea with my mother-in-law and B was walking around, oohing and ahhing at all the stuffed animals we passed. Then he spotted this stuffed dog. He said "DOG!" and ran over, pulled one out, and started kissing it all over. He ended up carrying it halfway around the store, and Grandma bought it for him (thanks grandma!). He's pretty much B.F.F.s with it now, and this particular day he couldn't go out to play without his ruff ruff.

Doggy shoes and doggy friend, gonna be a good day.

I told him to sit in front of the tree for a picture and at first he just set his dog there for a pic! Then he sat beside it. :)

No more pictures! Let's play!

He hears the neighbors' dog barking....

So doggy dog barked back.

This one is from a couple weeks ago. He spilled his juice. I didn't know until I heard a slurping sound and found him drinking it off the floor. Naturally, I let him go about his business and took pictures. 10 mama points for me.

So, just a picture post today. We're hoping to have some fun new projects to share soon, weather permitting. ;) Happy Tuesday!

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  1. How could a person not read this (and enjoy the pictures) without smiling and laughing? Impossible.