Sunday, April 27

ZOO Pass {Free Printable}

Big Brother is officially a three year old. Can I get a "WHAT?!" This year for his birthday we decided to surprise him with a trip to the zoo. He's been talking about it ever since we went last summer, and since we're not too far away we decided to spring for the membership so we can go all summer long.

Husband came up with a great way to tell him about the trip... his own personal zoo pass! We wrapped them up with his presents and when we opened them we asked if he wanted to use it today. Thank goodness, he said yes. This guys is always looking out for Baby Brother so we made sure there was a zoo pass for him as well.

I originally planned to print them out at home and laminate them, but Husband found a website (here) that prints actual cards, like ID cards and such, and ordered some that way. It feels extra special since it's just like the real cards mommy & daddy have. He was also able to print text on the back and put info to help find us if he gets lost like "My mom's name is Georgia and her phone number is _______." Big kids can carry the cards in their pockets just in case they lose track of mom and dad.

Now for the fun part, I have several options made up if you guys want to print your own zoo passes! I have passes in three colors and you can choose a pass with 2014 on it, or a pass with no date. You know, in case you're reading this in 2052 or something. If you want to make your zoo pass at home, just click on whichever pass you like and save it to your computer. You can print the pass out, glue on a picture, write your child's name and laminate it. If you want to order a printed card (here) you can open the picture in a program like photoshop and add in a picture and name or use the website's software to put everything together. If you're more Photoshop savvy you can download my photoshop file to change any colors or fonts you like.

Download Photoshop file HERE.

You'll also need to download these fonts if you are using the photoshop file:

And here are the ready-to-print zoo passes:

And here are a few pictures from Big Brother's birthday trip to the zoo! The funniest thing was when we first got there and I suggested going to the monkeys first. He put on his serious face and said "Monkeys not on my zoo pass!" Turns out he thought we could only see the animals there were pictures of. Whenever we asked what he wanted to do next he's say "Mmmmm, let me check my zoo pass!"

Special birthday ride on the carousel. He decided it was pretty scary once he got on.

Death grip on daddy's shirt.

"Hippo! Wake up!"

Anybody else heading to the zoo this spring? Let me know if you make a zoo pass!


  1. For my 14 month old's Santa gift, we are giving him a family membership to the San Francisco zoo. This is exactly what I was looking for to print off and gift, along with some Little People jungle animals, for Christmas! Thanks!

    1. Oh, what a cute gift idea! Thanks for sharing! :)