Monday, December 29

2014 Year in Review

I was just looking back at some of my posts from the year and came across list of goals I wrote way back in January. My initial reaction? "Oh. I made goals? Oops." So... let's see how it went and if I'll be trying again for these goals in 2015!

Bake Bread - Success! I remember a slow start, making just a couple loaves in the first half of the year. But this fall I really jumped in and now make my own sourdough bread using a sourdough starter I made myself! We haven't bought bread in a couple months! The key for me was finding a really easy, doable recipe. I'll share it later this week!

Eat Whole Foods - Semi-success? I think we're definitely doing better than the beginning of the year, definitely more produce and more homemade food, but I hope to improve more still. I think an important step for next year will be meal planning or having easy, ready-to-cook meals in the freezer. Being unprepared is my bane, and many times we resort to fast food just because I don't know what we're going to eat for dinner.One of my favorite new recipes this year are runza pocket sandwiches, and one of the great things about them is that they are great for the freezer!

Teach Big Brother Letters - We didn't work very hard on this, but he does recognize the first letters of names for both of our families, and numbers up to 5! (see how I made his dinosaur birthday crown here)

Play Outside - We definitely hit this in the summer by playing outside and gardening every day. Our DIY sprinkler arch was a big hit! Winter is already a major fail though. We barely leave the house when it's cold. Brrrr.

Time with My Boys - Work in progress. I think I'm doing better... but still working toward a better balance. The book Hands Free Mama has helped so much.

Read - I guess I am reading more but not int he way I planned. I've been reading to the boys a LOT more. Some of our new favorites are Pete the Cat, Skippyjon Jones, and Big Brother is really into Magic School Bus right now. 

I completely read The Hunger Games and Unglued (we did this one in mom's group and it was great!). I started the Allegiant series but didn't finish the third book, and started Cure Tooth Decay and Hands Free Mama (I'm almost done with these two). And I've flipped through Backyard Homestead and Four Season Harvest. So basically I finished five books. In a year. I'm hoping I just forgot some.

Garden - We tried really hard and had a big beautiful garden... and the squirrels still ate almost everything. I don't know what to do. We even started our own seedlings, made a mini greenhouse, and fenced in the garden. I did manage to freeze and can a little from our garden and from my grandma's garden so I guess it wasn't a complete loss. :)

Take Walks - We did a good amount of walking this summer. And Big Brother did a lot of bike riding. We even took pictures on one of our walks to make this custom storybook. I think family walks are very underrated and we highly recommend them!

Save $$$ - We haven't really saved much, but it's because we've been putting any extra on our student loans so we still feel pretty good about it.

Organize the Basement - miracle of miracles, this is mostly done!!! My mom and sisters came for a weekend and helped me knock most of it out. Only my sewing corner still needs a little clean up. Whew.

Family Devotions - It's been hit - or miss. Big Brother got a new Bible storybook and has reminded us most nights for the last month.

All in all I'd say we were pretty successful this year. In spite of forgetting about our list!

How about you guys?  What were your goals in 2014? Did you stick to them or totally forget?

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