Friday, July 31

Dresser Dilema... what would YOU do?

Update: see the finished dresser here!
We need some input on our next furniture makeover project! We brought this dresser home but can't decide what to do with it!

We've made it this far in parenthood with just one dresser shared by our two boys, but with baby #3 on the way it was clear we'd be needing a second pretty soon. So when we stumbled across this guy for just $10 we decided to go for it. The finish was pretty rough but it had nice, sturdy construction (hello, dovetail drawers!). We spent an afternoon sanding it down to bare wood and that's where we're stuck. We've been throwing around several ideas but can't settle on anything, and we'd love to hear what you would do! A couple notes:
  • We'll be using this for kids clothes and want something that can grow with them for years without having to be redone. 
  • It needs to go with light gray walls (side note: we moved the boys into the former guest room last weekend so they would have more space - surprise! - it's currently a darkish gray but we'll likely repaint it a lighter shade.
#1 - The White/Wood Combo
I've been digging this two-tone style lately but I'm afraid it's too trendy and we'll get tired of it before long. And if we do go with this style I can't decide if we should do white drawers with wood frame, or wood drawers with a white frame. Does pregnancy make me super indecisive? Maybe. I'm leaning toward a wood frame because the top wouldn't get marked up like a white top would.
images via pinterest here and here

#2 - Solid White
Clean, classic, simple. But hard to keep clean with little boys running rampant around here? I do think we'll probably like it for years to come.

image via pinterest

#3 - Keep it Wood
I've been favoring painted furniture lately, but maybe it's time to mix it up with another wood piece? I would normally stain anything wood, but once we sanded it down the grain is so pretty I've been considering just doing a clear coat to seal it (that would be a first for me!). The main problem with this plan is that once everything was sanded it became obvious one of the drawers is a much darker shade than the rest. Hmm.

image via pinterest

pretty wood grain peeking out

rogue drawer on the bottom left
#4 - Navy Blue
A little more adventurous than the other options, but not too crazy. It seems so pretty and fun. Maybe the boys room is a perfect place to take a little more risk?

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Of course there's always the tropical island option. Jk, guys. Jk.

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I'd also love to do something pretty in the drawers if I can find a good price on some contact paper... anyone know where to look?

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Okay. You've seen the contestants, and it's time to vote! White and wood, solid white, plain wood, or navy blue (and of course we'd love to hear any other suggestions as well)?

What would you do with this dresser?


  1. Before i even read it i was thinking paint it blue! So paint it blue that's my vote.

    1. Well you know what they say about great minds. ;) Thanks for your input, I'm going to pick up some blue paint samples!

  2. I know I've come in late and I had this saved in my favourites to come back to it, but life got in the way. I had exactly the same thing [minus the rogue drawer] and I just clear coated mine, but it's gotten really boring but it's a classic look and still looks great. Also inside the drawers I sprayed some spray on glue and glued down some nice fabric for each of the drawers, it's stayed in there perfectly and has been given some rough treatment from my toddler and has stood the test of time. I just used one of those tile grout spreader rubber thingys to push all the air bubbles out. I actually did this for another set of my drawers as well and the fabric hasn't come up [knock on wood] at all on any of my drawers. In saying that I do have some really nice fabrics so I was really spoilt for choice on which ones to use. I can send you photos if you like [although it's probably too late now] just so you can look at what I did.

    1. Hi! We did already finish our dresser (I still need to take pictures of it) but I would LOVE to see your dresser!! We've already noticed the contact paper wasn't super sticky, maybe switching to fabric would be a better choice. :) You can post pictures on my facebook page or email me at morelikehome (at) gmail (dot) com