Monday, May 16

Colored Window Frames - What's your take?

I have a page I pulled out of a magazine that I keep going back too. I love the eclectic but natural feel of the room, and mid century modern dressers just might be my jam. But last week I noticed something I had kind of glanced over in the past. The blue window.

The frames and the muntins are all blue. Not the trim, mind you. The actual window frame. And I think I like it. Then I remembered another picture. This one I pulled specifically because I liked the fresh green window.

I flipped a few more pages and came across one of my favorite porches... and noticed black frames on both the windows and doors.

And just like that, I found a theme through the pages I've pulled from several magazines. Apparently colored trim tickles my fancy. Like this bright teal set against a rustic entryway.

Or this deep sea blue as a backdrop to fresh flowers.

Apparently I've been pulling colored windows for quite a while now, without consciously connecting the dots. I'm not sure it's something I actually want to commit to in my house (painting those muntins is not a fun job). But we do have original wood windows in our new house... so the thing is... I could.

And here's my question... if you could, would YOU? Let me know in this just-for-fun poll!

Brave enough to go with a color? Let me know which color you'd choose in the comments!

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  1. This is a design element I have never thought about, but I think that deep sea blue with the flowers in front is gorgeous. I think I would be brave enough to try a nice classic color, but I don't think I could spring for a bright color.