Sunday, August 6

$17.25 Yard Sale Run

Yard sales with three little boys... don't happen too often. So when I had a chance to go with my MIL a few weeks ago, I jumped at it! I think my favorite find of the day was this little $0.25 pot for my succulent survivors

Here's what else I found:
$2 - moon sand
$1 - wooden butterflies
$0 - littlest pet shop (they threw it in with the rest!)
$1 - paper butterflies (brand new from pottery barn!!)
$1 - paint-your-own matrishka doll

Planning to hang these beautiful butterflies in our school room!

I don't know the last time I saw a littlest pet shop (one of my childhood favorites), and especially new in the package?! I mean, it's only a parrot, but still.

$1.00 - small painting
$0.50 - deer head bookends
$2.00 - candle holders
$0.50 - wooden tray (this is marked $3, but when I carried up the tray, painting, bookends she offered to take $2 for all of it! Then said it was her daughters yard sale and she couldn't leave until it was over, so she was trying to get rid of things as quickly. So funny.)

So I went back and picked up these two glass bottles that caught my eye earlier (they had been marked $5 each) and asked what she wanted for them....
$0.50 - two glass bottles... what?!

Ever since the day I scored a beautiful mountain painting at the thrift store, I've kept an eye out for more. I'm not sure yet if this one is quite what I'm looking for, but for $1 I'm going to find out.

$1.00 - hanging bird bath (so cool!)
$0.25 - terracotta pot
$0.25 - turtle for the garden

 This was before Mr. Turtle was dropped. Poor guy didn't stand a chance with all these boys.

Free - Christmas ornaments someone gave to the boys. :)

$0.25 - zebra head, just because I thought the boys would get a kick out of it

$5.00 - fabric
$1.00 - antique wooden puzzle (it is so cool, but I only paid $1 because they didn't know if it had all the pieces. Aaaannd... it didn't.)

Little shopping buddy loves a fancy hat.

That's it for yard sales, but while you're here, take a minute and head over to my sister's blog about my niece Ramona, and say a prayer for her little heart. Thanks, guys.

What's your best yard sale find this summer?

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