Thursday, September 19

Breakfast Fried Rice

Okay guys. Get ready for one of my favorite breakfasts ever. It's time for breakfast fried rice. I'll start with the super simple recipe, then give you a few tips I use to make it extra-easy to put together in the morning. Be warned, I have no amounts listed because I just add whatever looks like enough for all of us.

Breakfast Fried Rice

  • bacon
  • cooked rice (leftover is perfect)
  • spinach
  • frozen peas 
  • salt + pepper
  • eggs (and oil if you want to fry them)
1. Cook the bacon. Then crumble it and set it aside. Reserve some of the bacon grease in the pan for cooking (I pour the extra in a bowl in case I need to add more later. You know, since I don't measure and don't know exactly how much I need.)

2. In the pan with the reserved bacon grease (you can use oil instead), dump in cooked rice. Stir fry it for several minutes until it's warm and toasty.

3. Add spinach, frozen peas, and salt and pepper to taste. Cook until peas are thawed. Add crumbled bacon.

4. In a separate pan, cook the eggs. (I go ahead and start them while the rice is cooking so it all gets done around the same time) Most of my family loves fried eggs, but I always make a couple scrambled for the ones who prefer that.

5. Serve a scoop of fried rice with an egg on top! Season with salt + pepper to taste.

There are a few things you can do to make it all come together easy peasy in the morning:
  • Make a meal with rice earlier in the week. Cook extra while you're at it to save in the fridge for fried rice day!
  • Same with bacon - cook it earlier in the week for BLT's or something. Save several pieces of bacon and the bacon grease in the fridge. 
Then on the best day (fried rice day) the hard work is already done and it all comes together quickly.

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The lesser-seen side of our dining room. I love how it's coming together!

What's your favorite breakfast recipe?

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