Thursday, October 3

2019 Fall Budget-Refresh Challenge

When I feel that first hint of fall in the air, I get a craving.

And no, it's not pumpkin spice. I'm Team Apple Cider all the way! But that's not it, either.

I start to crave quiet. And coziness. And snuggling up. My introverted heart looks toward chilly days hunkered down at home. So as fall begins to creep in, I start to quiet the house and get it ready for winter. Not just shutting storm windows and draining hoses and all that other homeowner stuff, but I also start to ready the atmosphere of our home for this cozier half of the year. The home I want our kids to remember - a place that's warm and welcoming and ours.

And so Fall is always the perfect time for our Budget-Refresh Challenge. A last chance before winter to tackle that space or project we've been putting off! Last year was our first challenge and I'm super excited to host it again this year! Ready to join the fun and make your home the best it can be?

The Challenge:
Making space to weather the coming winter and enjoy time together. That's it. Is there a corner of your home that needs a little attention before you're cooped up with it all winter? A dark kitchen that needs painted? Living room that needs freshened up or rearranged? Need to simplify the play room? That's your challenge space! And guys, we're doing it all on a budget. Because a house doesn't have to be expensive to be a home.

The Budget:
Whatever works for you. The point of this budget isn't to tie you down to an impossible goal. It's to give you the freedom do what you can, where you're at right now. Whether that means spending $50 or $100, just buying a can of paint, or reusing what you already have (I would love to see some $0 makeovers!), I want to see what you can do with what you've got.

Build it. Paint it. Thrift it. Rearrange it. Declutter it. You do you. Make the home you crave without breaking the bank. 

This is the time for a use-what-you-have, DIY, Craigslist extravaganza. 

And it's especially timely for us this year in light of our spending freeze!

This is going to look very different for everyone depending on what materials you have on hand and whether or not you're a furniture hoarder from way back. *ahem* But guess what? It doesn't matter. You don't need to worry about what anyone else is doing/making/spending because this challenge is all about you, what your family needs, and what your home needs.

The Details:
I'm setting a deadline of three weeks. That way any weekend warriors will have three full weekends for their DIY feats, and you Craiglist ninjas have time for some serious hunting. So on Thursday, October 24 I'll share what we've done and I would love to see what you've been working on!

Sound good? Are you already thinking of the perfect space to tackle?

Last year I took on our home office/library/homeschool space and totally transformed it for just $35! You can find all the details here.

My 2019 Refresh Plan:
This year I'm hoping to finish off our master bedroom a bit. It's a space we've barely touched since we moved in, and I have a few plans to transform it into a cozy little haven. I'm not planning to paint, so I'll be working more with the details this time - pillows, a bookshelf, maybe some artwork. We'll see where it ends up!

We budgeted $50 for this refresh. I feel like I already have several things that will be a good fit for the space, so I'm hoping to even stay under that if I can!

Seriously, I can't even find a full shot of the room. I never take any because it's so sad in there.

I'll share progress and sneak peeks on Instagram as we go if you'd like to follow along! And I'd love to see your work - just tag me!

What space would you love to refresh this fall?

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