Thursday, October 31

Natural Remedy Roundup (plus video tour of our DIY herbal "medicine" cabinet)

It's official. We've reached the time of year when we will have at least one runny nose in the house until spring. So I've been busy this week stocking up a few of our favorite remedies to help keep this bunch in tip-top shape. So today I just wanted to share all those favorites in one place, along with a video tour of my herbal "medicine" cabinet. I'll show you what remedies I make vs. which ones I buy, what herbs I keep on hand, and what I use them all for!

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I buy all my herbs from either Mountain Rose Herbs or Bulk Herb Store, depending on which has the item I need in stock and who has a better price. Here are some of my favorite remedies (more info on all of them in the video and through their recipe links):

Elderberry Syrup
My #1 go-to is elderberry syrup. It's a great immune booster and we use it daily when anyone is sick!
Elderberries are high in vitamins A & C, stimulate the immune system, are high in antioxidants and are anti-inflammatory and antiviral. And it tastes so good the boys ask for it even when they're healthy! This homemade version packs an immune-boosting punch and costs a fraction of the commercially available stuff. Plus it's super easy to make!

Get the recipe here.

Herbal Cough Syrup
This herbal cough syrup is a close second when any of the boys are sporting a cough. Echinacea is an herbal powerhouse on it's own, but the added licorice root, ginger, and raw honey make it even better!

Get the recipe here.

GOOT Garlic Salve
GOOT is a simple mix of garlic, coconut oil, and olive oil that boasts some great healing properties! Garlic is a natural antibiotic that is great for treating all kinds of sickness and infections. We rub it on feet when someone is sick, and on his chest when he has a cough. I've even rubbed it around ears for an earache.

Get the recipe here.

Those are my top 3, but I also keep these guys on hand:

Plantain the herb. Not the banana. You probably have this growing in your yard and call it a weed! This is great for skin irritations like rashes and bug bites. When the baby gets a diaper rash, I wrap  plantain and oatmeal in cheesecloth for a little make-shift bath bomb!

Slipper Elm Bark
Great for sore throat! Mix it with a little raw honey and you're good to go!

Double-E Tea
A soothing hot tea with immune-boosting goodness (from Bulk Herb Store).

Marshmallow root
We use this to make a hot tea for any chest congestion and breathing issues. It's one of the boys' favorites because... it has a marshmallowy taste.

Kimberly's Kupboard
This little etsy shop sells some of my favorite remedies that I don't have to make myself! I always keep the elderberry honey on hand, and the chickweed salve is magic for bug bites. 

I've got more info on these favorites and few others in the video tour:

Here's to a winter that's as healthy as possible!

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